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2,467 reviews for this add-on
  • Cannot imagine using Youtube without this extension. Automatically enlarged video player is a must!

  • It allows me to adjust the video the way I prefer very quickly! Great Job!!!!

  • automatically keeps the video window where I can see it as I scroll down from the main window - love it, no extra clicks needed!

  • Great Add-On - Use it!

    I'm not the greatest of tech users, but I've found this to be easy on the eye and user friendly. The options for control and customise are clear and simple. While the removal of ads is so appreciated. I recommend this for anyone who's looking to make YouTube worth watching.

    A point of note: I constantly forget when I'm in cinema mode and hovering over the video that the mouse scroll wheel alters the volume rather than scrolling down the screen, I like this control but I just forget it's there :)

  • I like it!

  • a must have

  • Great addon, frequent updates.

  • parabéns ele ou ela e bom com tecnologia de ponta ,a sérviço de nós ,pós tecnogia de ponta mora aqui ,parabéns ,eu dedico a ti meu grande amigo

  • An app which does what I need it to, which is making browsing Youtube bearable. Nice one!

  • Guys like buttons! Thanks for the enhancer. Still new to it so will rate again later as needed.

  • I really love the speed tool - for when the music is too slow! Thanks for the loop tool; you're doing Youtubes' job for them!

  • Very nice and elegant

  • Excellent app, adds functionality to youtube that should already be there and may already be there but is so buried in different pages of settings that you'll never see it.

  • It works as describe, it is easy to use and it defintiely heightens the user experience.

  • Wonderful tool. Most definitely enhances using Youtube. Wouldn't want to be without it.

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  • Главная фишка, что при просмотре комментариев, видео смещается в уголок, и можно его видеть.

  • Like the mouse scroll volume and the automatic theatre mode.

  • Excelente!!!

  • Awesome extension to YouTube, especially controlling the volume with scroll of mouse and customizing the theme of my YouTube are the features that I loved most. Thanks to the developer!!

  • Easy to use, very useful for a good youtube

  • Super,

    Easy to set up

    Easy to play with.


  • Adiciona novas opções e customizações que não são possiveis ao youtube original, amei

  • Bardzo dobry i przydatny add-on, umila i ułatwia oglądanie filmików na YT.

  • I love being able play some video at 1,5 speed