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  • Hi, can I launch .exe program via custom script function?
  • Easy access to bookmarks with one click!! Being able to do a Google search straight from highlighted text was a nice surprise too. Couldn't be any happier with this add-on. All this time I didn't know what I was missing out on. Makes my browsing experience quicker and easier than it already was. <3
  • 5/5 - offers a surprising level of control over menus. I would like it if you could hide disabled items from the right click context; empty menus can be hidden, but not disabled ones.
  • Fantastic add-on for enhancing your productivity! Works great out of the box.

    1. Middle click on unselected text to search for it (single word/string, of course).
    - could this be accomplished by Custom Script?

    2. When searching for selection, have option to open search window/tab in background
    - could this be accomplished by Custom Script? Currently using this:
    let selection = aWindow.getBrowserSelection(); if( selection.length > 0 ) { aWindow.BrowserSearch.loadSearchFromContext(selection); }
  • Not compatible with multiprocess
  • Unfortunately this extension conflicts with the most recent version of Tab Groups extension by Quicksaver (version 2.0.1). The problem is most noticeable if you have some pinned tabs on firefox startup. Tab Groups are not accessible if Enhanced Middle Click is enabled during startup.
    Edit: Thank You.
    Hi, thanks for the review. I've uploaded a new version which should hopefully work with Tab Groups. At least it did in my test on clean install. Regards
  • It worked fine. Thank you very much for it. One last question, can we use key combinations like ctrl+z
    Thanks for the review

    I've added an *dispatch a key press* example on https://github.com/senicar/enhanced-middle-click . In the example a KeyCode DOM_VK_F12 is used which should simulate a F12 event - toggles developer console.

    You can try to change it to DOM_VK_F2 and past the complete code to custom script. Let me know if it the example works for you.

    //edit - after review update
    the 4 arguments after aWindow are for ctrl, alt, shift and meta (win). But Ctrl+Z would not work, because the shortcut works in fields like textarea, where enhanced-middle-click is disabled. It would however work for Ctrl-R (reload):
    evt.initKeyEvent("keypress", true, true, aWindow, true, false, false, false, evt.DOM_VK_R, 0);

  • Hello is there a way to reopen a closed tab *only when middle clicking on the tab bar*?

    Thanks anyway.
    Thanks for the review

    Sadly not at the moment. Currently the enhanced-middle-click actions are triggered only on empty space inside a web page and not on browser chrome elements.

    Maybe in the future ;)

    You can try the latest version of Middle click tabbar (16.23.04). I've added a support to undo closed tab when middle clicking on tab bar.

  • Great addon! I use it for closing tabs with middle mouse click. But sometimes when mouse pointer accidentally is over link, clicking middle mouse button opens link in a new tab instead of closing tab. Is there a way to disable middle button to open a link in a new tab?
    Hi, thanks for the review

    I try not to change the default browser behavior whenever possible. The only thing addon will try to override is general.autoScroll and middlemouse.contentLoadURL because it uses the same target areas. In most cases it is triggered the same way as you would trigger AutoScroll functionality on an empty page area where no other action is available (background, normal text, unlinked images...). On areas where action is available the default browser middle click action will trigger (link, input fields, linked images...).

    I couldn't find any obvious setting in about:config to disable opening links in a new tab/window on middle click completely, so there is currently no "easy" way. Maybe some other addon has this option. I will see if there is an easy and clean way to implement such option in a clean way in the future versions, but I can't promise anything.

  • Pale Moon is using Firefox ~31 as a base currently, but it works. Why is the version requirement at Firefox 36 in the install.rdf file?
    Hi, thanks for the review and that it didn't stop you from trying it out despite the version requirements.

    Version requirement is based on which browser versions I was able to test specific addon version. It usually works on older firefox versions and firefox based browsers like pale moon, however I don't test on them and I'm not completely sure if it works or not.

  • such a simple idea yet it immensely changes the experience. keep up the great work!
  • good, but is there any way to add an optional control where you hold the mmb to bring up the menu then release it to select? as opposed to clicking mmb to bring up the menu then left clicking to select
  • why my post deleted?
  • No problems so far, I use it to open group tabs and close current tab.
    Great idea, great execution. 5/5
    I hope it keeps maintained.
  • I'd like the author to add a function "Focus URL bar" when pressing the middle mouse button anywhere in the FF window, to be able to enter a new URL quickly without moving the mouse to the URL bar.
    Thanks for using the addon and the review. There is no need to implement a new action, you can use *Run custom script* action with custom script:


    However you will most probably move your hand from mouse to the keyboard to type something into the url bar, therefore it would be even faster to simple use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+l (lowercase L) or Ctrl+k for quick search, and on mac Cmd+l (Cmd-k).

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but considering the rating, what else have you find wrong with the addon, are there any bugs you encountered, so I can fix them in later versions?

  • hope for e10s support
  • very useful but no longer working in nighlty 37 on mac yosemite
    Thank you for the heads up, I've looked into it and tried to fix it. I've uploaded 0.4.7-beta if you would like to check it out, it's in developer channel.

  • MMC - most handy way to call tab history, more useful then click on arrow or even on tab caption (like in Tab utilities). But I miss one feature from Fire gesture - mouse scroll sensitive Tab History menu. Click and scroll - best mouse behavior for moving in tab history.
  • Initially, regardless of what I set the "Middle Click" and "Shift-Middle Click" options to, it would always display the magnifying glass with the + in the lens to "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out". After reading the Add-On information I checked to see if I had "Autoscrolling" on, but that was not the case. So, I figured it probably had something to do with Logitech SetPoint (I use a wireless mouse and keyboard). So, I did the following:
    1.) Opened SetPoint (currently using v6.61.15)
    2.) Clicked on the "My Mouse" tab at the top
    3.) Clicked on the first sub-tab on the left ("Button Settings")
    4.) Under "Select Button", I selected the middle button
    5.) Under "Select Task", I clicked "Other", and then "Select Function" (the default was "Zoom")
    6.) First, I tried "Do Nothing" to see if that would allow this Add-On to work, but that caused it to also "Do Nothing" in Firefox
    7.) Then, I tried "Unassigned", but still nothing in Firefox
    8.) Finally, I tried "Generic Button" and that allowed this Firefox Add-On to work exactly as intended
  • The range of assignable click functions is somewhat limited. Aside from that, the "Secondary Action" [shift + middle button] didn't work for me on most of the click assignments.

    The basic idea behind this app is very good. I look forward to issues with the buggy "Secondary Action" being worked-out, as well as an expansion of functions that may be assigned to middle button clicks.

    The DataRat
    Hi DataRat and thanks for the review

    I'm sorry to hear about issues with "secondary action", I've never had any issues with shift+mmb and none have been reported till now. Would you be so kind to let me know what OS and Firefox version are you using, so I can try to replicate. If you disable all addons except "enhanced middle click" does the issue still exist?

    Enhanced Middle Click is very specific in its use, it's meant to give a simple middle click shortcut to the function you use the most. I use just one function, so I spend my free time with implementing new ones when need for them arises and quite a few have been suggested by users (bookmarks, search selection, tabs), so what kind of function(s) do you miss and need?

  • Thank you very much
  • Попробовал и снес сразу. Хорошая идея, но плохая реализация: при клике средней кнопкой, меню заменяет автоскролирование. Решение очень простое - меню должно появляться после долгого нажатия.
    Hi, thanks for the review

    I'm afraid "long-press" would not solve the problem, because "long-press" is also a feature of auto-scrolling. That is why it's recommended in the "Enhanced middle click" description to disable auto-scrolling, until a stable solution is found.

    ps: review translated with google translator, so I apologize if anything was misinterpreted.
  • Great, i use now my third mouse button for navigate with panorama panel from Firefox and this change a lot your way of thinking about your opened tabs! Try it!
  • I've been waiting for something like this - a FireFox addon that would do something [more] useful with my middle button. Thank you!!

    I'd love to see more assignable options - and it'd be freakin' awesome if you could integrate "Search for the word I'm hovering over" as a middle-click option, which currently in FireFox is a cumbersome (1) highlight the word/sentence, (2) right-click, (3), select "search" from list of actions in the context menu.

    I liked you suggestion so if you feel adventerous you can test action in the beta version ( https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/231953/enhanced_middle_click-0.4.3-beta1-fx.xpi?src=dp-btn-devchannel )

    Searching for a word that is under cursor is more error prone than with selection and would need a lot of validating. I've made a simple action where you can select (or double click) a word/sentence or hover over a word and middle click to search. But as I said just hovering over a word might trigger when your not strickly over a word, therefore I'm not sure if I could make it stable enough for the next version. Still double+middle click is still a good and fast action to search a word.

    Since this is beta things might be a bit broken since I haven't really tested it much on different platforms or firefox versions. Also this action won't work on words in textarea, input fields or other enhanced middle click restricted elements.

    Well I hope you'll find it at least a bit useful
  • You are right - there are several addons that use mouse gestures.
    In addition, as I understand, the addons with mouse gestures usually are heavy - the gesture identification requires some heavy things.
    But thinking on your answer some idea entered my head and I want to share it with you.
    Let imagine that the entire screen is greeded by 4x4 greed.
    It is easy to detect on which of 16 rectangles resides cursor when middle click is released and it is easy to reach each of these 16 rectangles by user even in case when there is no visible grid.
    Such thing gives us 16 alternatives.
    And if it is possible to show the grid itself on middle button press and detect a cursor on middle button release - the grid can be bigger, for example 9x6 or even more.
    If user can customize each rectangle (let say - 10-20 basic functions and the rest - choosen bookmarks) - it will be great, especially if together with grid user will be able to read the operations in each rectangle (it is impossible to remember few dozens of operations).
    Of course, it would be another addon. I convey only an idea.
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