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  • how to make it work outside of youtube? i need it for other sites too! verypoor!
  • Firefox 70 x64.... doesnot work. still AVC1
  • Allows you to disable Audio Normalization. Now you can listen to music on youtube again!
  • In my limited testing it looks like I can finally watch 4K videos again! My system can handle 4K video, but apparently not 60 fps. Funny thing is in a chromium based browser there is no stutter, and I heard a rumor that if you change the user agent in firefox to chromium it would remove the stutter. You can specify sites to use a different user agent in firefox, you don't have to do it globally.

    Is it just me or did google remove the youtube html5 player test as shown in the screenshot?
  • Nice Add-ons
  • Good addon.
  • The seems to have solved the constant freezing I had with youtube vids and with Firefox default vid codecs disabled.
  • Great doing its job
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