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  • Doesn't work. Can't use it in Firefox 62.0.3 64bits. The package module is installed, but the US english language is not available in the context menu when clicking inside any textarea on a given web page. I'm on Windows 10, French language by default.
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  • Not even proper English. Keeps telling me that legitimate words aren't real just cos Americans don't know how to spell them properly.
  • язык не добавился!!! хотя было уведомление что добавился! позор!
  • Have been unable to test it at this point in time
  • nice
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  • So, why the heck doesn't it work with the latest stable firefox version?... OKAY
  • It does not work with 61.0.2 (64 bits)
  • It does not work in the Dutch Firefox version 61.0.2
  • Does not work
  • This apparently doesn't works. I am from Russia, sometimes I need English autocorrect tool but unfortunately this doesn't works, after clickng "Add addon" button the English dictionary doesn't appears even after I restart FireFox.
  • Недавно обновлял версию браузера на последнюю. Тем не менее не смог установить данный пакет , так как он потребовал обновления браузера. Те кто пишут такие приложения, видимо держат пользователей за идиотов, которым больше нечем заняться, кроме как по 5 раз в день обновлять все свои приложения. Я бы понял, если бы мне сказали, что с устаревшей версией браузера, я не смогу воспользоваться какими-то дополнительными функциями. Я бы это пережил. А так можно подумать, что языковые пакеты для проверки орфографии появились только вчера.
  • This module is not compatible with firefox develloper edition (62.0b12 (64 bits)), I think it is a versioning problem.
    Ce module n'est pas compatible avec firefox develloper edition (62.0b12 (64 bits)), je pense que c'est un problème de gestion de version.
  • This is NOT a DICTIONNARY, so stop complaining about it not working when you right-click to check for spelling. Go download the dictionnaries for that.
  • best
  • It doesn't work I can't add it on the firefox
  • it stopped working a day or two ago... how can I file a bug report?

    (no words are detected, all words are shown as incorrect)
  • Great language !
  • would really like to have the English language pack, but it keeps telling me that I need to reinstall/update Firefox did that and still not able to add it..very frustrating as I used to have it and don't know why I cannot add it..;((((
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