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54 reviews for this add-on
  • This is NOT a DICTIONNARY, so stop complaining about it not working when you right-click to check for spelling. Go download the dictionnaries for that.


  • best

  • It doesn't work I can't add it on the firefox

  • it stopped working a day or two ago... how can I file a bug report?

    (no words are detected, all words are shown as incorrect)

  • Great language !

  • would really like to have the English language pack, but it keeps telling me that I need to reinstall/update Firefox did that and still not able to add it..very frustrating as I used to have it and don't know why I cannot add it..;((((

  • hi nice

  • good

  • Nice

  • Ne fonctionne pas sur FF60! après installation, la langue n'apparait pas dans les options d'orthographe. (l'autre language pack By mozilla fonctionne)

  • ...

  • My work is primarily in English, but after installing the latest Firefox Quantum, this language pack was not included. That's fine, I'll just download the language pack, install it, and it should work. Except it doesn't. Tried to check for updates, reinstalled it, but it didn't change anything. I was actually excited to use this browser because as a dev I prefer Quantum over Chrome in terms of performance and UI. But as long as Firefox is unable to do simple tasks like adding new language packs, I'll probably stick with Chrome for now. Too bad...

  • It works

  • Het werkt niet! Heb het al verschillende malen gedownload maar het werkt niet!

  • Can someone tell me how the fook I supposed to activate it? It's an interface language pack right?

  • alles gut

  • Nice

  • Something is badly wrong here! For days the spelling add-ons has said you need at least v60 to install the add-on. But I'm using the latest released Firefox (Windows 7 64-bit) which is 59!? What should I do?

  • nyc app

  • Impossible to make orthograph checking in English...Impossible also to install the needed version of Firefox (I hace a 32 bits computer)

  • everything

  • Simply don't work.

  • dosen't work

  • Definitely and Absolutely The Best of The Best. Thank You Very Much For Your Support.