169 reviews
  • Are you finally gonna fix these >> 🤦🤦?
  • Was very good... But doesn't work anymore with new Twitter interface. 😢
  • There is a bug in the addon as well as the website. When clicking on the Persons - Face palm male, the Face palm female is copied instead. This affects the website as well as the 4.2.4 plugin.
  • Serviceable, but for speed of use I'd prefer there to be a 'type-to-search' functionality — so I don't need to click 'search' before typing and finding the emoji I'm after.
  • It has a good interface, and it's easy to use, but there's some buggy shit in there. Trying to find their support page is an exercise in frustration, which cost them 2 stars.
  • Great addon. Can you add bbcode & html for links and colors? Only that is missing.
  • Love it!
  • the extension is good but could improve too if you add emojis of anime or something that is different and expressive asiendola a single extention the emojis can download here to add more https://discordemoji.com/category/4/anime thank you and luck with your project