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  • I love this extension! It is so easy to use for someone not very tech savvy. Press the button enter an address, hit send. Perfect for me.
  • "Trivial extension" - hardly Trivial, this was a frequently used tool that always did it's job. When you update to Quantum (v57.x) you lose use of this very handy addon. I hope there will be a replacement that doesn't require me to send the entire page content to myself or another user. Email link enabled putting the URL in the body of an autocreated, and put the page title and website name in the subject line. Elegant, simple, effective.
  • I could either installed a linkifier type extension to deal with plain text links or install this button and copy and paste. Call me old fashioned but I like the simplicity of having the button and it launches my systems default mail client which on windows is Opera mail's desktop client http://www.opera.com/mail/. This button seamlessly launches that program and then i proceed to compose the message. Perfect, one way this could be better is make it retartless addon. Unfortunately, it is a bit redundant, i realized now firefox has its own email button, but atleast ill be prepared in the event mozdevs remove it and pull another stupid (lets make FF better) move for the sake "speed" or "congruity" or some other petty reasoning.
  • a giant issue has come up, I get errors all the time as of today august 12, 2016. no matter who i send to now generates error messages. I use the same email application on my desktop, big change is am now in win10 x64 most current update . in win7 x64pro I used this product daily and loved it for its ease of use/set up and never any errors or problems unless i made a mistake in the 'to' address myself. never failed. now it fails all the time and not sure why
    any suggestions would be appreciated however
    thanks for a great product ..till today that is.
    edit: 2hr later approx: I have looked into my issue and do not believe it has anything to do with this add-on. it is with microsoft windows live and hotmail/outlook dropping support for delta sync. typical microsoft failing to support its own products with work around instructions which dont seem to work for many who've tried to implement those microsoft suggested workarounds. complex at best and possibly incorrect. i cant tell.
    now, i need to figure out how to re assign email link button to another email application. a simple remove and restart , then re install did not work
  • Suddenly doesn't work anymore?
  • Okay, so I've sent only one email so far, but it worked, and I'm happy about it. :-) I use Microsoft Outlook (Office Professional Plus 2010).
  • Thanks for this "trivial" email addon. It seems to be removed from Firefox 42.
  • Sweet. No more copy/paste to Apple Mail.
  • doesn't work. ????????????
  • Please add 2 options to this add-on: a default email to, and a prefix subject. Thank you.
  • How does this add-on work? I highlight an email address, click the add-on's button... Nothing!
    Please help.. v.27.0.1 Linux Mint
  • It would be awesome if you could add a task button also for outlook. I use this with a lot of links in salesforce to try and create tasks or todo lists with outlook. Thank you. It's a great time saver!
  • I've been looking for something like this for a while. Lazy isn't just my middle name, it is my first and last also. Now I would love an add-on that will let me create a shortcut for emailing a link. Yes, very lazy!
  • Thank You! Make's life easier...
  • It does what it says, but I'd like to have the link saved as a hyperlink, not as text.
  • Τέλειος
  • Was auf dem Smartphone über "teilen" funktioniert, geht jetzt genauso gut und einfach. Man benötigt allerdings ein Mailprogramm wie Thunderbird, Outlook oder WindowsMail.
  • One of my favorite addons.
  • Perfect
  • Yes, it works in FF18.0! Simple but effective add-on that saves a few key strokes each time you want to e-mail a page link. Thank you!
  • Works now in FF 17, but still not working in Palemoon 15 ;-(
  • can't find a button !!!!
  • The icon/button as shown in the "preview" was there on my toolbar for several weeks (I know since I did use it). Now the button it's gone. Vanished. Can't find it to re-customize toolbar, either. I re-installed. Re-started FF. Nothing. No change.
    Please fix it!
  • The icon/button as shown in the "preview" was there on my toolbar two days ago (I know since I did use it). Now two days later it is gone. Vanished. Can't find it to re-customize toolbar, either. I re-installed. Re-started FF. Nothing. No change.

    Where did it go?!?
  • Thanks compic, lifesaving!
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