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  • Lovely and smoth in the colors. Its soth my eyes because its not to bright. Thanks:)

  • sehr schön! Ich liebe lila!

  • sehr schön! Ich liebe lila!

  • i like purple. That's why I like this theme. i hate firefox 3.5 'cos it crashes every 5 -10 minutes even I am using firefox 3.0.14. for those who r using IE, please do no upgrade to IE8. IE8 are not as good as it "announces."

  • Great theme thanks for 3.5 version

  • Great theme thanks for 3.5 version

  • Great theme thanks for 3.5 version

  • Yes, can you make another version with a light purple..I love the icons.

  • No Mac support.

  • Tão lindo!!! =)

    Pena que não é mais atualizado. =(

  • Could you make one with a light purple background instead of beige?

  • Awesome!

  • The very best. Period.

  • Nice looking theme and it works good on Linux,good job on this one.

  • Would love to see more purple, less of the other color. It's pretty though!

  • Great theme but, I was looking for something black and Purple, but this will have to do

  • Thank you for the purple! It's not overdone or gaudy and it is restful on the eyes.

  • Keeps getting better and better. My absolute favorite theme :)

  • This is hot!!!

  • Your purple is awesome!
    I always loved pressing the big back button in Firefox3, its purple color in your theme makes it even more enjoyable to press!

    One suggestion, though. Change the red of STOP button th purple, just like the reload button. PLEASE!!!

  • I love the colors. Keep working on it and make it even more beautiful! For instance: how about changing the colors of the bookmarks folders to match the theme? Love purple. Great job!

  • So far it is lookin real good!! Icons are clear and well defined, pleasant color. Icons are right sizes for both small and large ones. Background menu on toolbars -YAY! Glad they are not grey or blue = which everyone seems to use! I like this beige-ish color...has nice contrast. Nice toolbar depth, not a flat style with no separation between each level ( i dont like the flat style ones! )...
    BRAVO to the cool cat who made this one! You should be getting good reviews and i give you GOLD STARS all the way!
    Thank you for sharing this theme with us! You did VERY VERY GOOD!