461 reviews for this add-on
  • Thanks a lot for your work, man! Works great, didn't have to read about syntax and do everything manually.
  • Please make this Addon workable for Firefox 57 which is upcomming in November !
  • Works very well in Palemoon (using v1.3.0.1)
    Thank you for your addon
  • I have to block the same offensive image/text over and over and over and over, every time I go to next page. I could have done that much just by clicking F12 and removing the line by myself! I thought this could BLOCK it for good like it does with ads!
  • One of my favorites extensions on computer... but will it be available on Firefox mobile for Android?
  • excellent extension for Adblock Plus, simple and easy to use.
  • Un excellent complément de Adblockplus.
  • Downloaden werkt niet .
  • Please add a hotkey
  • This is one of my absolute favorite things. If there's a site with content that you really like but extraneous clutter that you really don't, this tool is perfect for cleaning up the garbage.
    If I were to make a request, it would be for some kind of hotkey for blocking numerous elements in quick succession without having to play with the dropdown menu each time, but that's just me being picky. This add-on rocks.
  • I love this addon
    I prefer Chrome though, I wish there was a Chrome version, could you make a Chrome version of this addon?
  • Excellent, mais en attente de la compatibilité multi-processeurs pour obtenir la dernière étoile :) .
  • A must have ! À avoir absolument ! Accompagne très bien le module adblockplus. Parfait !
  • Great add-on ,Working flawlessly!
  • Best Best
  • I am building a new FF profile with e10s enabled, and Add-on Compatibility Reporter reports EHH as "Not compatible with multiprocess", but about:support reports "Multiprocess Windows 1/1 (Enabled by user)", Task Manager shows two firefox processes running and EHH is doing its job. I just installed it and imported my settings from the original profile, and so far so good. I hope this continues as I consider EHH to be an essential addon. This is with FF51 running on XP SP3 with the POSready registry hack that allows XP to continue to receive security updates.
  • Works perfectly.
  • One star the button does not show in my toolbar, making this useless.
  • Excellent plugin, but it prevents the Firefox task from fully closing.

    Forces you to "end task" via task manager any time you want to restart Firefox. If you don't end-task after closing the window it causes a new instance every launch, eating up RAM.

    Will be 5-stars once this issue is fixed.
  • For the most part, great add-on. Sadly I've not had the same success as others with the annoying popups on Google. You know the ones - asking you to change your default search engine or homepage to Google, even when you've already done so. My filter preferences clearly show ABP enabled with 2 different types of filters, yet the popups keep coming, every single time. This needs to be fixed.
  • Desde que me inicie en internet, coloque como navegador por sugerencias de otros expertos que usara Mozilla Firefox como navegador predeterminado así como sus complementos lo que no conosco es como colocar pugins en mi PC por lo que les pido si pueden instruyanme en mi correo marda88@hotmail.es como debería hacerlo gracias y comparto todo lo bueno que nos facilitan ustedes, suerte y sigan con su loable acción en pro de los usuarios.
  • Easy to use, with 4-5 keyboards strokes you can add a new filter.
  • Just what i need 5 stars :)
  • Hopefully it will be made compatible with multi process firefox, which it sadly is not right now.
  • Awesome add on for Adblock Plus! I can finally get rid of those annoying divs that would show ads even with adblock running! It's certainly a feature that Adblock Plus should have by default.

    Thank you SO much for making this!!!