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  • It is great theme, very well done. Author did a very good work.

    There are only a few things that bother me:

    1. Search results are not styled. While theme is designed in such way it should be used without search bar, I still believe the search results should be styled - for those who wish to keep using search bar.

    2. It is a bit outdated. Some icons are missing - Hello, Clear and Applications. The perfect solution would be to display default icon when one is missing.

    3. While Midori does not implement search bar on new tap page in Firefox this feature is nice enough to keep it there. It's a shame it's hidden away.

    4. Left history/bookmarks bar and other such elements might look better with slightly grayish background instead of white one.

    5. There is no way of knowing if site on new tab is pinned or not as both icons are the same.

    Anyway I still love the theme. Thanks!
  • It is a great add-on.

    Yet, one problem as the title says; the icons like reload and the others are not visible, though still clickable.

  • It's a great theme, which works very well with some desktop themes in Ubuntu. If problems in font color of contextual menus & tabs https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/theme-font-size-changer/ can be used until fixed. Congratulations.
  • 1. Hints are totally black - text is hardly visible (Linux). I guess hints' text is #020202 and hints' background is #000000 - that's a bad combination. Or something goes wrong with transparency in Linux. Anyways hints are broken.

    2. When searching for something (via Ctrl + F), and I enter the text which cannot be found it disappears from the search bar (color = background). E.g. if I'm on this very page and search for "page" I can see it. If I enter one more symbol, like "s", then nothing can be seen.

    3. Please make the reload button BIGGER. I hate Australis for that.

    4. Please add styling to the The Addon Bar (Restored) extension.
  • Hi! Thanks for the great theme!
    How can I move tabs bar above adressbar? I'm using FF32.
  • Is there any plan to support headerbar?

    Headerbar for gnome inteface is present at https://github.com/chpii/Headerbar.
    There is a plan to support it, I've started to work on it, but I can't really say when or if it will be functional.
  • Brilliant, but I can't get the tabs below the toolbar in about:config =/ help please?
    Thanks! Well, the tabs are supposed to be below the toolbar already, did you mean to get them above the toolbar? That isn't possible I'm afraid, Mozilla removed the possibility to choose, so I had to make that choice on the theme itself.
  • It's beautiful! But it needs an update for FF31 (something is wrong with the backward/forward button and the addressbar). Nothing that does not make this a must-have for elementary OS users.
  • The theme is pretty flawless, really. In case the developer's not aware, there is a slight problem with the navbar in FF 31, but I expect it to be taken care of soon (as happened with 29).
  • Wow, very outstanding! You turned Firefox just as beautiful as all other Elementary OS apps. Thank you very much!
    Thanks! I'll try to make it better.
  • Does not work Firefox Esr :(
    Awesome Theme !!!
    Thanks a lot!
    About Firefox Esr, please try older versions of the theme, 2.8 or 2.7, here: https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-PT/firefox/addon/elementary-firefox/versions/

  • Awesome. Looks and works great.

    Could you please try putting in a doubleclick on tab to open a new one like in Files? Thanks
    Thanks so much!
    About the doubleclick, I tried already and it seemed to work, but then I discovered that it messed the whole UI customization page, I couldn't solve that yet. You could try to get used to the middle mouse button, if you use a mouse (it does the same thing, I got used to that quickly). I know its not the best solution, but its the closest thing for now. Sorry for that. Cheers
  • I love this theme (incl. v29), but i'd like tabs look more beautiful like safari's ones, flipped upside down, or like mac-fox
    Thanks! I once had the tabs flipped upside down on a test theme, but in the end I favored integration into elementaryOS, it looked strange among the other apps.
  • Nice theme and works well, except for one thing - the throbber icon appears to be bigger than favicons, so when a page loads, especially on a pinned tab, it moves the tabs in the tab bar as it expands.. that's not great.
    hhmm.. thanks for the report, I'll fix it in the next release
  • everything looks good. but developer tools/console looks miserable, small font .
    please make it use default firefox settings
    I guess you're using Firefox Beta, because the stable release looks pretty normal.
    But you're right, Beta is looking awful. I have to tell you though, its because Mozilla keeps changing the theme, I'll have to copy (once again) the entire devtools default theming for my next release. Thanks!
  • This is great !! But I want to disable overlay scrollbar. Can you show me how to do that?
  • 2.5.1 stopped working with my version of Firefox, so I got 2.7. Always make sure you get the latest release from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/elementary-firefox/versions or else you might not have optimal results.
  • Thank you for job.
    Look like great. This theme have solved that overlay scroll problem on Ubuntu linux 12.04.4. Now overlay scroll works great!
    thanks! the scrollbars are not perfect though, just a workaround. cheers
  • Se ve genial <3
  • The theme is great overall but for some reason it messes up the DevTools inspector tool, making it so that it does not show any outlines on inspected elements. Because of this I had to revert to default, but hoping to see this fixed in the future.
    Hi. :) Thanks for the review again. We fixed the devtools - I don't think we've released it yet. You can head over to our github page to package the development version of the theme if you wish.

    I think we're both fairly busy, and havn't had time to 'fix' the scrollbar for this theme. What do you think about the scrollbar?
  • I mean, for example, not everyone uses ubuntu's overlay scrollbar in elementary os. Personally, I hate them, and I use these thin grey elementary scrollbars.
    Also, I recently changed my system theme to Milk + harvey window tops and I would KILL to get a milk firefox elementary theme. If you are not willing to make one, is there a way for me to modify yours and send it for you to upload here? I would find some free time for that ;)
    There has been discussion about the usability of the scrollbars. We'll either get the overlay scrollbars to work properly, or probably go back to zeeee's original thin scrollbars.As for modifying the theme for milk.. That would actually require alot of modification... But we host the themes source files on github, so we encourage you to play around! Feel free to push a branch of the milk theme if you get one done! Thanks for the good review :)

    edit: https://github.com/zeeeeee/firefox-elementary
  • A great compliment to the elementary OS.

    Feels like the interface of Firefox is natively done for the OS. Just great.

    Great job - and keep it up!
  • Really a goooooood theme, nicely integrated in elementary os !
    But 1 bad point, and very important : with de developper toolbar, the dots around the targeted elements are not visible... and it is very important for me, so I can't us it... :/ Is it possible to have this fixed ?
    Thanks a lot :)
    Zee and I are aware of this bug. When either of us get the time, we'll try and make a fix. It is one of last bugs for https://github.com/zeeeeee/firefox-elementary/issues/4. If you feel like poking around yourself, it would be very helpful! Diff'ing the original Firefox theme to our own is how we usually finding fixes.
    edit: Oh, and I'm glad you like it. :) zee is amazing!
    edit two: I fixed this particular bug. I don't think it's worth pushing for a new version here on mozilla.org so if you'd like to use it please follow instructions @ github.com/zeeeeee/firefox-elementary
  • This is a great theme I really love it my only suggestions are to update the reload and the full-screen window control icons, if possible place the exit button on the far left and the restore button on the far right like in eOS and (this one is super minor) change the color scheme in the tab bar to better match midori
    Yes, the theme needs some love, I've been having very little time to work on this, but soon I'll get to those details and fixing annoying bugs. Thanks for your kind words.