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Why was elementary Firefox created?

I made this theme to better integrate Firefox into elementaryOS, a Linux distribution with a great user experience philosophy, and an appealing and consistent interface design. Although Firefox uses some interface elements from the operating system, others are very incoherent because they are made to fit every OS with the least compatibility problems possible. My main goal was to adapt these inconsistent elements in the default Firefox theme into this operating system following the elementaryOS HIG (Human Interface Guidelines).

What's next for elementary Firefox

For now (since the release of Firefox 29), this theme only tries to solve first glance UI integration, like the toolbars, the tabbar, and a few more noticeable details. In the next releases I'll try to get everything to fit better, basically following the path I had done for the previous versions of Firefox, all the work lost on the transition to the new Australis interface. I hope I'll fit your expectations. Thanks!

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Name zeeeeee
User since March 27, 2011
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