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  • Can you please add support for Browser-Toolbox? e.g. if the Browser-Toolbox is opened, navigate it to the selected element? We can inspect the browser's Chrome with Browser-Toolbox but the layout is horrible compared to DOM Inspector, so much so that I need Element Inspector to find stuff. A WebExtension version would also be nice.
  • Hi
  • Shift + right-click any element to inspect it directly is very convient. After a Firefox update two weeks ago the addon stopped working and I was forced to do the extra steps otherwise needed again. I felt so stupid and limited in my workflow. Very happy to have the addon working again! :-)
  • It's just around the corner.
  • 单进程 内置Dev tools
    版本0.1.2可以用了 谢谢
    开启了多进程没?还有是使用 DOM Inspector 还是 Firefox 内置的 Dev tools 来查看的?

    目前 DOM Inspector 还不支持多进程的 Firefox。现在我提交了一个新版本,该版本可以支持多进程下内置的 Devtools(但只支持查看页面的元素)
  • Doesn't do anything for webpage content.
  • This seems like such a simple add-on, but it's a huge time-saver that makes checking elements so much more efficient and convenient.

    Once you start using this, it's unthinkable to go back to the old way.
  • good
  • this extension is great, support e10s pls
  • Opens every element, even popup elements in XUL windows. No need to search for hidden ones in DOM inspector, trigger the pane, the popup...and inspect. Leave the pain behind.
  • Absolutely simple and absolutely useful!

    You can even shift-click on DOM elements outside of the web page that are part of the Firefox user interface! Fantastic!
  • Useful, but is there a way to make it so it doesn't open a new window each time?
  • Great add-on, it's helped me plenty ever since I found it. However, can you update this to inspect Firefox's XUL in the native Dev Tools instead of in the DOM inspector add-on. I personally don't like the DOM Inspector add-on, it feels clunky and not as intuitive as the native DOM inspector.
  • Very useful addon but need an option to change modifier key, because Shift-RightClick has a Firefox default function, showing the browser's original context menu (on Google Maps you can confirm this).
  • RT,不支持orBUG?希望加入/修复~~
  • makes domi really accssable, i tried domi a couple years ago and found it to abstract to find anything, but element inspector makes it intuitive. Thanks

    Btw its also possible to have this open Domi in the sidebar if you install Omni Sidebar and More In Content UI + or a new tab with the latter
  • @BarbieGirl (May 27, 2014) - if you have some basic skill or confidence then switching to ctrl-right-click or other buttons, isn't hard. You need to change one line in each of two files of the extension. Back up your profile first "just in case" though. Quick "Howto", as I don't know your technical level:

    1) Expand (unzip) -> modify -> rezip the extension, or set the preference "extensions.alwaysUnpack" to true in "about:config" before installing it. Both of these methods let you work with the extension's actual expanded files.

    2) The files you want are "\bootstrap.js" and "\content\overlay.js". Both of these short files have a line that looks like this:
    if (!e.shiftKey || e.button != 2) return;
    Translation: if the shift key isn't pressed or the right button isn't pressed, ignore it. So you can make your change here. For example:

    if (!e.ctrlKey || e.button != 2) return;
    (uses ctrl-right-click, tested, works)
    if (!e.shiftKey || !e.ctrlKey || e.button != 4)
    (uses ctrl-shift middle - or wheel - button, probably works!)

    3) Restart Firefox
  • 会被30自带的开发者工具劫持,根本无法使用。希望修复
  • Works great, exactly what I needed.
  • Great addon thankyou.
    I am using firefox addon Custom Buttons
    and many of the buttons use Shift+RightClick to open the buttons menu for many functions.
    I need to be able to set Element Inspector to Ctrl+RightClick or something else.
    Possible for the Option please?

    Without the option then I am regretfully unable to use this addon.
    There is no Support Site for this addon to report issues to.
  • Thanks a lot, really great! ;)
  • I had 2 icons in my main context menu with no label. Could Not figure out what 'put them there'. DOMi, as you know doesn't give you a second click, even with Addon InspectorWidget installed. This works. I was able to figure out that Scriptish had put the icons there... ~/scr/scriptish/icons.... Even though I had not installed any scripts or styles with Scriptish... Hmmm. Australis sucks...
    Anyways, this helped greatly and, for now, I disabled scriptiish..
  • Please consider adding support for SeaMonkey!
  • Absolutely awesome especially for context menu inspection. Vital. I was still using PopupInspector v0.1 I didn't know you converted it to this. Being restartless is awesome, as I'm always developing I can't restart my browser too easily. I was looking to go add PopupInspector to my dev collection and stumbled across this. Its a great improvement in that I can now shift click anything.
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