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  • just what i was looking for
    thank you!
  • Hello Kashif,

    Thanks for your addon, my last time firefox can extend the bookmark menu easily, it's so great.
    But your add-on is no more supported on the newest version (58). Could you fix it for your add-on to make keep continue well as it last time.

    thanks so much.
  • Kashif, Hi. Thanks for for your work on Edit Bookmark Plus. I realize the WebExtensions APIs may not support all of the features. But, are there APIs which support any? The three features I find I'm missing the most are having (1) URL & (2) Description fields available in the Bookmark dialogue window and (3) the ability to view the tree structure without being required to click on the "Show all the bookmark folders" button was a definite plus. Thanks. Rob
  • javascript:invalid value for tags.
  • Do you plan to use WebExtensions in a future release?
    Thanks for your feedback. I am afraid that WebExtensions do not support such features.
  • it is a very good add-on; bookmarks have been a headache for a long time in otherwise really good browser
    for fixed max height of edit bookmark window:
    when entering extensions.editbookmarkplus.popupshowndelay just delete last part "showndelay" and you will get extensions.editbookmarkplus.popupHeight listed; change value to 1000.
    for resize: resize icon is hardly visible and unintuitively placed; can you use another color (e.g. dark blue instead of light grey) and place it at the bottom right of window, so it would be remove - done - resize but maybe all 3 in icons?
    ( x √ resize icon)
  • Work well , thaznks!
    Request :
    Add option for customizs the height of the bookmark folders view.
  • I mean, its a good add-on. It does what its supposed to. But putting a resizer on the bottom left is a terrible oversight. It's very non standard and feels confusing to have it work this way. Please fix it.
  • there is no menu in the library???

    Desirable to add large button to the menu bar which simply adds (without questions) site to bookmarks, to the first list that is shown at a clique on a menu of bookmark item, but not in the menu unassorted bookmarks
  • Removes my irritation with the standard version
  • Exactly what I needed. You're a wizard!
  • Many thanks!
    Addon is very good, but need small modify behavior for Add Bookmarks Pane: need saving an last bookmark folder (it's may be optionally: switch on of Setup).
  • This addone, appears to fix the many glitches with saving a new bookmark in version 45. Plus gives some further access to bookmark name/url. Nice.


    I also have Change Bookmark Recent Folder List Length 1.3.1 addon installed. Both work well together. Would be wonderful if i had 1 addon that extended my add bookmark popup rather than 1. Maybe this eature could be added.
  • It gets 5 stars if you move the resize grab to the bottom right instead of the bottom left.
  • Very good! Can you please let us disable the Folder field in the options menu? Thanks for this addon.
    Hi!, Thanks for the feedback. I do not understand what you mean by "let us disable the Folder field in the options menu".

    Contact me on email or open an issue on extension's Github repository.
  • Why is the resize "grip" on the left? Nonsensical IMO! The typical location is the lower right corner of a window or panel in Firefox. Why change it from where user expect to see it?
  • Per comment: "Enter" on keyboard is not working. - If you press Ctrl-Enter it will work as desired. (Admittedly this is not a fix.)
  • I retract my previous review, and urge Mozilla to hard-code Kashif's Edit Bookmark Plus addon because it corrects a native bug in FF's bookmarks coding. Bravo Kashif.
  • Ver 2.30 works on SeaMonkey 2.33, and it's great.
    Thank you for a very helpful feature.
    I wonder though, why it doesn't also handle the "Bookmark this link" option for a link on a page (in the right-click menu).
    Just a thought, not a complain.
  • You, Good Sir, solved my "want description in bookmark pop-up" problem
  • no problems in ff 36 portable
  • Anything that improves firefox functionality ,especially as it pertains to bookmarks, is probably going to be amazing. But i see people having issues with this addon? That's why i give it 2/5, please work on it to make it better
  • Essencial no Firefox. Parabéns
  • This addon works just as advertised and would have gotten five stars but for one thing. The page that the addon attempts to open upon installation leads directly to an "Account Suspended" page.

  • It is useful and comfortable.
    Some issues and proposals I wrote in GitHub Issue Tracker.