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  • This add-on seems to be still working with TB 5.0. No need to rename it to zip. Just open xpi with 7-zip or other archiver and edit install.rdf file inside, change maxversion to say 10.* and then close and agree to repackage the file.

  • I highly doubt that the author of this extension cares but I sorta got it working again.
    But you should only do the following steps if you accept all the RISKS!!!

    I downloaded Edit As New
    Then renamed the file name extension from .xpi to .zip
    Now I can double click that file and Windows will open it.
    I found a file inside called install.rdf I right-clicked it and chose copy.
    Then I went back and next to the zip file I pasted install.rdf.
    I opened it with notepad and looked for "em:maxVersion"
    Once I found them I changed the number to ">3.9.*<"
    Saved then closed Notepad, then dragged and dropped install.rdf on the zip file.
    Said yes when asked to overwrite and save the changes to the zip file.
    Then renamed the file name extension from .zip to .xpi

    It seems to be working fine for me under WinXP2 w/TBird3.1.6

    It is unfortunate that the author seems to have abandon this addon. It is great for those emails with attachments that we need to send on to a 3rd person, but don't want to mess with re-attaching files, etc.

  • Please update for TB3.*!

  • Great extension. I can't find a similar button in Toolbar Buttons extension. Please update this for TB3!

  • Hello! On its own, this is a good idea, but you can already get an "Edit as new" button if you use the ToolbarButtons extension which has all kinds of useful buttons in it. As far as I can tell the authour keeps up on his versioning too. I give a four star here because the idea is very good, but I have not tried it myself on account that I use the other addon instead.

  • Please update for TB 3.03 !!!

  • This add-on was very useful while I was using TB2.
    I am missing it (on the toolbar) in TB3.
    Although available in TB3, yet it is much more convenient
    when it is in the toolbar.

  • I could not find any "Edit As New" button implemented in TB, so I added it using this addon. It works well for me with MicroThunderbird theme from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/1657

  • it seems, this feature is already implemented in tb 2.x
    no need to download.