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181 reviews for this add-on
  • Love the fact the they plant trees

  • sehr gute idee wegen den bäumen

  • I thinks this level of bullshit as in selling ads will make a greeener planet, wake up worms you pay for companies, and not planting greens, use electricity to wach ads and pay for them with time and energy waste, go outside and plant a real tree.

  • Australia has lost all Old Growth Cedar and choice hardwood forest's,that's 100% and regrowth forest's have been allowed to be turned into chip wood to clear for farming and mining including drilling for oil and gas along the Great Dividing Range on the whole East Coast as the Global Giants Frack our drinking water and fresh country air.

  • Me gusta emplear mi tiempo de navegación con una compañía responsable con el medio ambiente.

  • its all you need and trees are just great too

  • good

  • Better if it has services in India also.

  • Schnellere Suche mit dem Addon.
    Suchergebnisse sind ebenfalls zufriedenstellend.
    Die Suchmaschine sieht sehr modern und aufgeräumt aus.
    Als guter Nebeneffekt: Bäume pflanzen, und die Welt verbessern!

  • Effective search engine. Only occasionally do I have to switch over to google. Fun to see the counter that shows how many trees you planted. I've apparently planted over 1000 trees. I hope that is true. Even if I've planted a quarter of that, it is still very meaningful.

  • Super, l'idée est très bonne, l'interface aussi. Je conseille !

  • fantastico!!!

  • Il est pour l'environnement.

  • Lent , mais c'est pour la bonne cause .

  • Trees are wonderful! Thank you!

  • The mission behind this is so great, to take something we do daily and turn it into a way to help others and the environment. It's not the best search engine out there, but it's pretty good. And if I ever have a complicated query, there's also the EcoGoogle extension!

  • Interesting how such a simple add-on can have such a big impact in the environment and people in remote parts of the world. Hard to beat that! :D

  • Gut, dass es ecosia gibt.

  • Au moins aussi rapide et efficace que ses meilleurs concurrents, l'usage d'Ecosia est un acte citoyen

  • I'm loving the concept and implementation. It's not a --perfect-- search engine, but what search engine is these days? The power and potential for mass, concerted, positive change is real.

  • Really smart way to contribute in Earth healt

  • Really cool browser! Just like Google but agree with other comments, it's a lot cleaner. Also love that by doing someting so simply we can help out the environement. Would highly recommend everyone takes part in surfing the net easier and also helping out with mother nature.

  • It just works as intended, like Google but with an effort to make it cleaner. Amazing.

  • Planting trees is great, but it would be better if it can block adult contents. (e.g. Google SafeSearch)

  • About the extension:

    Just great, clean, easy, tree counter obviously really nice feature, but the best thing for me that I didn't realise that it wasn't Google, but Bing(through Yahoo search) that is producing the ad income for Ecosia! Still gives me the information I need, never mind Google.

    About the service:

    I was first sceptical, but then researched it a bit and turns out it does a very good job. Very thankful for the idea nad hope their project, funding these charities worldwide will be evermore successful.