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  • Doesn't do whole site screenshot (tried to load fully it, scroll down, doesn't helped)
  • I've tested the add-on under Manjaro Linux, and it works for me.

    But why would I need it, when Firefox already has a screenshots feature?

    The "Feedback" link takes me to a Chinese website.
    In hindsight, this makes sense, because "Mozilla Online is an organization that operates in China and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Corporation."
    However, I was expecting an English website, because the AMO page itself is in English, at least when I look at it:

    It's also strange that the AMO page doesn't have a link to the add-on's Github page:

    Looks like someone didn't read Mozilla's "best practices" guide:
  • Garbage, it says it screenshots the whole website but doesn't do that. Pages with a scroll bar still only get partially screenshotted.
  • Seems that unless you scroll down to the bottom of the page, it will not capture accurately.
    The feeback button does not work. URL never resolves.
    Captures with inconsistent results.
  • Mozilla should be ashamed that a subsidiary trading on the good name of Mozilla is peddling this crap, shame on you.
  • Worthless.
  • Can't turn off sound when save the screenshot. It's disturbed, please fix.
  • Useless. It doesnt give the option of where to save and does not put it in 'Desktop' as claimed.
  • Why can't add it to my Firefox?
  • Não consegui tirar uma captura de tela de página inteira, que possui o seu principal conteúdo em uma longa "sobreposição" (overlay). Infelizmente, a sobreposição é cortada após a primeira página (ou após a primeira parte visível na tela), e fica incompleta. A ferramenta nativa "Capturar tela" apresenta o mesmo resultado. Site: http://www.arquivoestado.sp.gov.br/site/acervo/memoria_do_imigrante/pesquisa_livros_hospedaria ; Arquivo da captura nativa do Firefox: https://postimg.cc/xk8ypWdv ; Arquivo da captura da extensão Awesome Screenshot Plus: https://postimg.cc/bDQGmT10 ; Esta captura da extensão concorrente também não está elogiável, porque não está perfeitamente contínua, porém, prova que a captura da Mozilla ignorou uma parte considerável da sobreposição, que neste caso possui a informação mais importante. Espero que leiam a minha mensagem e aprimorem o recurso.