602 reviews
  • Garbage, it says it screenshots the whole website but doesn't do that. Pages with a scroll bar still only get partially screenshotted.
  • Seems that unless you scroll down to the bottom of the page, it will not capture accurately.
    The feeback button does not work. URL never resolves.
    Captures with inconsistent results.
  • Mozilla should be ashamed that a subsidiary trading on the good name of Mozilla is peddling this crap, shame on you.
  • Worthless.
  • Can't turn off sound when save the screenshot. It's disturbed, please fix.
  • Useless. It doesnt give the option of where to save and does not put it in 'Desktop' as claimed.
  • Why can't add it to my Firefox?
  • Вроде бы неплохо,удобно и быстро) Пользуюсь нечасто,иногда делаю скриншоты кадров из аниме :D
  • Kiváló! Teszi a feladatát. Gyors, egyszerű.
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