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  • Kiváló! Teszi a feladatát. Gyors, egyszerű.
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  • Its Awesome
  • Can only save screenshots in enormously bloated PNG files that are rarely under 2MB in file size!!! This is true even if the image you want to save is 40KB in its native state. Firefox is satanically bad and demonically crippled in the ways functionality in the browser is denied, but this add-on hardly makes things better. It is almost useless for taking screenshots in any quantity.
  • Simple and powerful, easy to use. Some extensions may be even copied this one.
  • valiosísima muy útil, indispensable.
  • The closest I could get to my trusted SCREEN SHOTTER add-on... BUT

    A lot of irritating things you have no control over. This translates to A LOT OF unnecessary mouse clicks and wrist movement:

    (Please add options to disable the following):

    1. Opens a new Edit/Annotate window in the next tab.

    2. Opens the default download folder the snap is saved to.

    3. Shows an unnecessary notification in the system tray.

    4. Jumps from the existing (working) tab to the next one.

    5. Irritating DSLR shutter-button sounds for edit & save.

    Points 1,2,3 & 4 are really unneeded and time-consuming when taking screenshots of windows that are refreshing/opening quickly (shopping, errors, connecting to..., etc.)
  • Fails to capture entire long pages. Only captures part way down and then clips the rest off. This started a couple months ago.
  • 截取整个网页时,网页比较长的话,只能截取一部分,希望可以改进下
  • pls improve the quality to be more density. good jobs
  • 最近几乎用不了了。截取整个网页总是只有上面一小半,对于有顶栏的网页截取效果也不尽如人意
  • Useful as f*ck! B)