This Add-On should be "Easy Char Map" Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I like the functionality of this add-on, and take note, I'm not using it for Math -- I'm using it like a quick Character Map.

I hacked the code a bit to force the Options Window to become bigger and show more characters in one panel. I also hacked the code so that it will show more Unicode Characters. The result is I was able to add Emoji in the easyMath panel for Facebook Comments! SCREENSHOT:

Which leads me to make these SUGGESTIONS and FIXES:

1. Make the Options Window resizable so that it's more comfortable to browse the Unicode Characters.

2. Enable the Unicode Character Pages already. Make it useful not just for creating Math Equations, but also for Commenting on Social Networks, or composing Email with nice Unicode Dingbats and Emoji. This also will make it useful for Office Word Web or Google Docs online, because they lack a rich way to insert special characters.

3. Rename this plugin to "Easy Char Map" (consistent with easyMap and Windows Character Map Applet) or "Insert Symbol" (familiar to Microsoft Word users).

Today I got the new version of easyMath that fixed the "goes to end of line after inserting a char" issue, thank you for fixing. But I lost my hacks to the Options Window -- so I hope that my suggestions above will make it to the next version of this very useful add-on!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (