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  • Simple, fast, efficient and effective, and... the ONLY ONE
    (please kanaj, update it to work on the new standard Firefox framework version 57+)
  • Awesome, very useful! Too bad it is not supported anymore under the new Firefox Quantum release. :-(
  • I loved this extension and used it all the time on Firefox 56.0 when communicating with friends in German.

    Today I'm loving Firefox Quantum and so badly missing having EasyAccent available to me.

    Hoping it can be developed and ported over to 57.0 soon. Until then, a big thank you to the developers for their work on a wonderful addon!

  • Great, useful extension. Waiting for the Quantum-compatible version.
  • It's a delight, expecially the choices of short-cut keys. Please let us know when we can add it on to Firefox Quantum as it's a bit of a bind having lost it, and good luck with sorting the technicalities. Firefox should have offered it to everyone, you'd have thought.
  • Wonderful add-on for producing accents until it stopped being compatible with the latest version of Firefox (57.0) Quantum. Hope the app can be updated soon.
  • When I was using this for German and Spanish, it was amazing, but none of the -* commands work. Seeing as I'm using it for Swedish now, I need to be able to type å. I've tried all the others, and they work perfectly, but this one simply won't.
  • Can not type Ctrl-* because Gmail uses that for bullet-indent.
  • Small, concise, works, use it daily.

    One problem - in Google Docs I get a "File Unavailable - Sorry, there's a problem with this file" error after, say, Ctrl+:, then a
  • I switched to Firefox because I need to write accents A LOT and Chrome doesn't allow me to use the extension I've been using for that anymore because it's not from the Chrome webstore. I love this extension, works like a charm. Haven't yet found a single place where it malfunctions or doesn't work.

    My one complaint would be that it is missing some letters I need, mostly Scandinavian ones. While it does have c-cedil (ç), it does not have s-cedil (ş). I would appreciate it if in a future update you could make it so that "Ctrl-, s" creates ş. Also, there is no way to create g-breve (ğ). I would suggest making the keyboard combination "Ctrl-< g".

    Seriously though, thank you for making this. It's made my life so much easier.
  • No setup whatsoever beyond clicking "install." Easy to use. Shortcuts are very intuitive (at least for Spanish and French characters.) Wish this extension worked for MS Word! When I set up Word with these exact same key bindings, it was an enormous hassle.
  • I have two proposals.
    1. Currently the shortcut Ctrl+, defines Firefox options and this addon suppresses this anywhere, not only in input field. Fortunately I can redefine another shortcut for Firefox options, but anyway - using so many symbols with Ctrl seriously reduces the number of free shortcuts.
    Is it possible to have a button or shortcut (shortcut is better) that will temporary disable this addon?
    Actually this addon is necessary only when user wants to write something. So, he can switch this addon ON before writting, and when he finshes writting - to switch it OFF. In this case the user will be free from conflicts.
    2. Currently it works on English (latin) keyboard and obviously it isn't aimed to serve all keyboards.
    But approach with Ctrl is very attractive and I'm asking - is it possible for other keyboards to have English keyboards when Ctrl is pressed?
    I can explain why it is important.
    Let say, currently is Russian (Cirillic) keyboard, but I need one letter (symbol), let say "[" that doesn't exist in Russian.
    What do I do currently? I switch to English, press "[" and then return to Russian. Only for one letter/symbol I must do such switching.
    But if it is possible that during pressing Ctrl will be English keyboard - it will be great.
    Thank you.
  • This extension is great!

    If you want to do things like this on the Chrome browser there's an extension called AccentsPlus:

  • Makes communicating with my Italian family SO much easier. I tried other similar addons like ZombieKeys, but this one just WORKS.
  • I have a problem with this addon on a Croatian keyboard, where the accents are placed on the numbers and are usually reached through AltGr+letter you want to put it on (but not all are combineable with the letter, such as the accent circonflexe with 'u' and 'e', and some you cannot place on the letter at all, like accent grave or tilde). Anyway, the combination Ctrl+accent I want to place just has me switching tabs (like tab 1, tab 2, tab 3..), so I wonder if there is possibly a solution to this problem without having to switch to US keyboard and guessing where the punctuation and accents are?

    EDIT: Still not working, neither the combination of, for example, Ctrl+Shift+1 nor Ctrl+AltGr+1 wouldn't put the tilde above n. I guess it's going to still be good old copy-paste for me.

    Developer response

    I don't have any experience with a Croatian keyboard, but the add-on is designed to work with pressing the actual punctuation mark key. From your message, it seems like the punctuation marks are above the numbers, so to enter them as ordinary punctuation marks you would have to type shift-. Thus to use easyaccent, you'll have to type ctrl-shift- and then the letter you want. Sorry if that doesn't work or isn't convenient. Hope this helps.

  • This is so going to help with those annoying online Spanish exercises that mark the whole question wrong if you are missing an accent
  • This work really well for French accents.
    Really nice add-on to have ... I'm using Firefox nightly 11.01a
  • Great addon, many thanks.
    1- Conflict: ctrl+` conflicts with change tab group. Add option to chose key modifiers as alt key o win key.
    2- Request: Compatibility with thunderbird
  • Works perfectly and has keystrokes that are easy to remember.
  • I love this add-on. Great for Spanish and French. Easy to use.
  • Thank you, this will save me many trips to Ćháràctεŕ Mäp. Intuitive, but I don't see support for ¢.
  • This is a wonderful add-on. I can type Spanish writing lessons in Livemocha.com without stopping to click on the insert box every couple of words, now!
  • What a godsend - I can't believe Microsoft make it so hard to use characters like ö, ü, and ß on a UK keyboard!

    To whoever created this, thank you so very very much!
  • Just perfect - I use web-based email at work and at home and it now means that I don't have to go through everything after I write it to add the accents. Thank you so much.

    Mìle mìle taing - rud cho feumail 's a chunnaic mi a-riamh!
  • Works splendidly for adding accents! Extremely useful for when I want to type in Spanish.

    Este add-on me permite agregar acentos en Firefox utilizando combinaciónes que conozco de Word en el teclado.
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