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  • Excellent piece of software, works like a charm the only criticism is that youube keep up dating and you keep donating to keep abreast but worth every penny.
  • So good I paid for it, worth every penny even though I don't ned it often
  • This is a fantastic product with fantastic support.
    Thank you for creating such a useful plugin.
  • The best add-on for video downloading from YouTube and many other streaming sites. Also, one of the first, if not the first, to fix downloading high-resolution content from YouTube after the lockdown. It's good to see an add-on this useful to receive active development.

    On the practicalities: it's easy to use -- if you can click a button and choose a resolution in the menu that pops up, you're good to go. Several options available from the get-go, but some of the higher resolutions (or bitrates in the case of audio downloading) are locked and only available to donators (who then get the Pro Version). The Pro version actually provides good value in the effortless procurement of FullHD (and up, if available) content -- but even if you're content with 720p the Pro donation option makes sense to help out with server cost (which must be immense) and software development. A clear and convinced recommendation by me!
  • Good Ad on
  • This is one of the best download add-on. I use it exclusively for youtube and don't bother with anything else. Thank you!
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  • I've been using this add-on for a a few years and I can tell you I can finally stop looking. The big plus for YT Video downloader is that it is kept up to date often. Another advantage is no adware. It converts with a click of the mouse and the results are consistent. I've got a valued add-on and it's well worth the donation everytime it is updated.
  • Works very well. Does stop working from time to time but Dishta gives a prompt response to help requests.
    Works better than any of the other Youtube downloaders that I have tried
  • Great easy use, good quality downloads.
  • I am more than happy with this add-on. Because of changes to Firefox, I was charged $30 in order to continue high definition downloads, which was fine with me. I don't mind supporting excellent software.
  • The best product I have ever used.
  • the best
  • I made a donation to be able to download what I needed at higher quality. Works a treat. Worth every penny! Come on folks - give this guy his dues.
  • I tried the plugin and it worked for low resolution but I wanted high resolution so I went pro and now I have my favorite music videos and some trailers in 1080p! its awesome! I am very happy with it.
  • We used to be able download 1080p, then we had to pay for that, now you expect us to pay to download 720p? lol
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  • Extremely useful, the best Youtube down-loader out there for Firefox. I use it all the time.
  • It doesn't download mp3 for free due youtube stream changing, but offers you to donate $ for pro account.
  • Maybe works. But I hate new yt design because on FF are slow ehm ehm f***ing google. And old version this addons wants another approves.
  • Had some issues with the Downloader throughout time. The Develeper corresponded with me to help me through the issue. After trouble off/on for months, the Downloader just stopped all together. At this point, the Delevelper again corresponded with me, this time nightly, till I found the issue with applications on my computer. The Developer has been patient and fairly quick to respond by email. If you are having trouble, don't give up. Contact the Developer. The Video Downloader works well and also downloads MP3's from videos.
  • Very nice addon. Convenient to use as well. Just two or three clicks and boom your video is downloading. User support was also helpful and prompt when I needed help to resolve a problem.
  • This addon works perfectly for me.