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  • I struggle hard. Grateful.
    However, not everything can be downloaded.
  • Thank you!
  • I use this extension frequently and have been very happy with it. It works well, and I'm happy to pay to support the server solution they have for HD video. Other extensions I've used have stopped working, but this one is regularly updated. Thanks to the dev!
  • This is a great add-on, easy to use and flexible with respect to the formats it offers! Thanks alot!
  • Great! The only one that still works. I know that some won't d/l due to technical issues, and I'm ok with that. Keep up the good work.
  • Thanks. Support was helpful to get my PRO back.
  • With Video Download Helper add-on you got 1920x1080 for free with ADP???
  • how am i supposed to know if it's worth making a donation if i can't even have a few trial runs? useless. it's like me paying for a car that I can't even test drive
  • Great add, it works very well, an support is super..
  • This is a great utility program that delivers exceptionally! Even though Youtube keeps changing their methods and such, this utility keeps pace and always delivers quality videos. It has worked every time and I have never been disappointed. This is a non-profit, so please be sure to donate to this wonderful service running!
  • Here's what I got when I tried saving a video to MP3:
    "Youtube switched to separate audio/video streaming technology for higher quality formats and no longer provides direct 720p (Since 24 September 2018)/1080p/mp3 streams. Converting these streams to downloadable formats for you needs powerful server infrastructure, therefore 1080p/mp3 downloading has been limited to PRO users."
  • very easy to use on Firefox; captures videos some other extensions cannot handle or download. Even if the download is interrupted, I can resume the download without having to download the entire file from 0 kB. Highly recommend!

    Also, consider paying (as I did) for pro as developers could definitely use the boost.
  • Really great extension.
    Request: Integrate it in the Right-Click menu in the search results, that would be awesome.
  • good
  • good
  • Downloader Express for Firefox or Waterfox is great! I have used this Add-on for several years and have never had a problem and became a PRO user.

    I strongly recommend users to become PRO users to help these guys to continue the great service and support they provide.