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  • Because you have to pay to download mp3 WTF !!!

  • In oorder to use it you have to buy it
    Чтобы пользоваться надо купить

  • Not too useful: can't download private videos, and can download mp3s only in 256 kb/s bitrate. High quality (320) is not an option. Some higher functions are available only in paid form.

    Nothing extra, doesn't do anything else other apps also do.

  • It works ! Thank you ! votre produit est excellent !

  • Doesn't download mp3s unless you pay for it.

  • Very useful for quick and straightforward HD downloads.
    Thanks for your good work !

  • Good app

  • ok

  • I want to add to my previous review. This video downloader works when others will not. It also DL's in the highest quality. It ROCKS!

  • Не качает в 1080. Только в 720. За 1080 просят купить.

  • Paid for it and have been using it for a number of months now and really appreciate it. Highly recommend it, and recommend paying something for it.

  • Been using my favor Firefox Browser Addons for many many years, through out the years I find myself always in need of a video downloader but none of them offered True Video/Audio Downloader including offering capabilities for MP4 1080p (FULL-HD) and True MP3 (HQ 256kbps) until I found EASY YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADER EXPRESS which is also hard to find these days that ACTUALLY WORKS, just make sure get the PRO-version with a few bucks of donation.....and oh boy..boy...the downloading speed is FAST. I would definetly recommend to everybody including my friens & family. Oh, one more thing forgot to mention, the sevice is quick and swift in case you needed ask question & help. Thanks again EASY YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADER EXPRESS for making me a happy camper!!!

  • Video Downloader Express is a must have in your toolbox. This is especially true for me as I produce music backing tracks and other video resources for my clients. Being able to have the video (and audio) files available locally is a great asset in my workflow. I have tried other solutions but Video Downloader Express is one I always go back to as it is the best solution for this task. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into keeping it updated and for the great one on one support.

  • Worked a treat, even with ad-blockers, although I did need to disable 'First party isolation' add-on to download in 1080p!

  • This is possibly one of the best apps to use to download YouTube videos. The ease and convenience of using this app is almost too easy to use. Thanks.

  • This is my favorite web browser addon. Well thought out, reliable, and easy to use. The free version works flawlessly for for ~720p mp4 downloads, but i use it often, so I finally made a small donation. Well worth it for the additional mp3 & 1080 download functionality.

  • super

  • Unable to download mp3 files without "upgrade"
    YouTube switched to separate audio/video streaming technology for higher quality formats and no longer provides direct 1080p/mp3 streams. Converting these streams to downloadable formats for you needs powerful server infrastructure, therefore 1080p/mp3 downloading has been limited to PRO users.

  • Have been using this software for several years and just upgraded.

    Have found it to be quite excellent, always "delivering goods".

    Thoroughly recomend.

  • I had a few videos that wouldn't download, or would download as 0 byte files. After a repeated attempts, they did successfully download. Glad for this software. Will try it out a bit more. Don't love that some of the downloading options are walled off "freemium" style. I understand the costs of infrastructure, though I' m not sure I will use it often enough (a few times a year) to justify a big donation...

  • maravillosa cuando no c bloca

  • Most helpful extension,very useful for all youtube video needs

  • This app has been invaluable for years.

    Honestly, I should have paid for it awhile back, but I kept putting it off.

  • Excellent service product with the Pro level!
    The more I use it the more pleased I am with the results.
    While I cannot afford much, I use the product, add if it works, I donate what I can, and THIS WORKS.

    There have been some minor issues early on, which were handled very quickly by e-mail and have had no problems since.

    Edit: Recent server/host change interrupted service for a few days with out notification, but all redirects to the new service seem to be fixed.

    I love this add-on, it is one of the few YT downloaders that handles FHD well, when other FHD downloaders can't even find the videos' existence.

    Well done!
    ps: I will continue to donate when I use and I am able.

  • Good