2,508 reviews for this add-on
  • constantly updated and... it really works!!
  • Lifesaver..... Some really excellent videos can be downloaded on YouTube in HD. But, you can't touch them though without something like the Pro Easy YouTube Video Downloader. Really glad someone created this FireFox Add on!
  • Awesome addon and so easy to use and be able to download YouTube videos!
  • Good
  • Best YouTube add-on I've seen to date. A MUST HAVE!
  • For a free product this is excellent - note Youtube seperates its stream audio and video, so you can't grab videos using any other software.
    It is
    * easy to use
    * has a great interface
    * is free so like me you can use it and at least download anything without worrying about limits
    * in future, I will upgrade if I need to grab 1080 videos as its the only software around that does it

    * i am not a computer geek so i don't want anything thats hard to use
    * this is made for people who want and easy product that does the job at low cost

  • Awesome YTD.... Best I have used on FF
  • I know generic reviews are not appreciated, but I simply wish to express my gratitude for a useful programme.
  • This is a great extension. It is easy to use as its name suggests - and it has been dependable.
  • Works very well
  • Awesome experience with easy you tube video down loader which provides me an opportunity to save my favorite videos in offline mode with good pixel quality. Must useful add on
  • een aanrader als u van muziek houd een donatie waard
  • Hello. I use this add-on that has become necessary and I can highly recommend it. For me it is a daily companion, to the point that I can not, and I do not want to do without it ...
    Ciao. Io uso questo add-on divenuto ormai necessario e te lo posso vivamente raccomandare. Per me è compagna giornaliera, al punto che non posso, e non voglio, più farne a meno...
  • Works with NordVPN and Firefox safe window and cookies set to expire when window closes.

    To activate pro every time I want to use it, I open the bookmarked VideoDroid.org page that verifies payment and I disable Ghostery in addons. When I am done using the app, I reactivate Ghostery. Works perfectly.

    Each license only works in one browser on one machine but that is all I need.
  • good
  • perfect.
  • Will donate to it. Nicely done
  • One of my favorite add ons
  • Used for a while. Works quite well for what it's suppose to do. Also it is a bonus to buy into the Pro version for the extra features.
  • No encuentro la forma de activar el sistema luego de la donacion hecha
  • Best user friendly youtube downloader! Name says it all!
  • This one strives to keep up with changing technologies; it does very well.
  • I've used it for years. It just works and keeps up with the updates which I really appreciate.
  • This thing works & continues to update on a regular basis. Thank you for a addon that I am happy with & have recommended to everyone I know. If I can't download something & it's happens on more than one site, I just wait because I know you guys will fix it. & you do!
  • By far the best Youtube Video Downloader I have ever used.