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  • It asks for money for full HD resolution or higher.

    Also, the following page:


    The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords.
  • I think that "Best Youtube Video Downloader" for me. thank you so much ;D
  • Works great if you don't lose your email confirming the purchase of the "pro" version. Sent an email to the dev stating that my email had disappeared (no idea how!) and I needed him to resend the link from my purchase. No response. I have paid for this twice now. Not doing it a 3rd time.
  • It's working for me. Thank you!
  • Works great. Easy to use. Much faster than the other downloader that I tried.
  • Reine Werbung, taugt nichts
  • Developer seems to believe they need a service to convert something. Unclear if they're just making shit up or if they genuinely believe that.

    Use this addon for now: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-download-hd-download/

    Actually, I'm sure this developer believes the conversion service is necessary. YouTube sends split audio/video streams now. If you want the original video, you'll need to download both and convert them yourself. Of course, the developer could have done this on your local machine with ffmpeg, but decided to do it on a server instead and charge for it.
  • Doesn't function. An error message appears stating that Only works if other Pro users have recently downloaded that video within a 24 hour period. If it hasn't been download, your out of luck. Useless.
  • Every time I tried to use this extension I got the following quoted message pop up right below the video.
    "Youtube switched to separate audio/video streaming technology for higher quality formats and no longer provides direct 720p (Since 24 September 2018)/1080p/mp3 streams. Converting these streams to downloadable formats for you needs powerful server infrastructure, therefore 1080p/mp3 downloading has been limited to PRO users. Read more at - https://videodroid.org/pro_upgrade.html. FREE users can download all formats in CACHE where some PRO users fetched the video/audio in past 24 hours, to test the feature you can try downloading popular videos."
    I have read this 3 or 4 times and I am still not sure if it's an excuse or if they are asking me to buy the "pro version" Does anybody know of a good youtube mp3 converter that works as they say it does? or are all these extension creators all just out to make a quick buck? Sorry guys/gals give this one a pass unless you want to spend the money on a pro version. It does NOT do what they say it does.
  • Works great!
  • não consegui baixar
  • Love this apphavent had any issues with it I always get my fav music and videos for use off line
  • Great addon.