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  • Es bueno
  • Votre travail me réconforte tous les jours. Je passe beaucoup de très bons moments grâce à vous. Merci de continuer à faire les mises à jour ! Jean-Claude Guerguy
  • I have had Youtube Video Downloader Express for many years and I really like the product. I've had issues with it from time to time, but when I contact them, they're always professional and eager to get me back up and running. I suspect that most of the one star reviews here are made by those who never contacted support.
  • good
  • The creator was very helpful walking me through the steps when I needed to reinstall a bunch of programs. Didn't expect that level of assistance, don't see it often with add-on support.
  • The button is there but does not work
  • Good You tube down loader
  • very easy to use
  • Among very few of the persistent extensions I could find for downloading YT videos (and none left on Chrome). Love the MP3 conversion option.
  • tidak bisa didownload apps nya
  • Dishita is very helpful and the Easy YouTube Video Downloader express he created to work with Firefox's add-ons works very well on YouTube. I am very glad I have donated. I highly recommend this add-on extension. Very useful. Thank you, Deepesh.

    -William U.
  • It works quite well. But it has a bug where it sees resolutions that the clip doesn't have (ex. 720p for 360p + vid only 720p clips) and it ends up re-downloading the last file that I grabbed with it.
    Also wish I had the option to get the video only files without having to go to other sites to do it.