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  • Been using this add-on for years, it works great to deliver the 720p and 1080p Youtube vids that have broken the other downloaders. I very gladly donated $30 to help keep this system up and running, and also donated $20 previously to use on a computer I lost in Hurricane Harvey.
  • Seems like donationware... it'll let you download the videos for free, but only in low quality. Same with MP3 audio; limited unless you donate. Minimum of $10 is required to get the pro features. This is explained on the site & it tells you about it (pop up) if you try to download in high quality. Other than that, it's 1 of the few that'll let you download YouTube videos without having to subscribe to the premium YouTube service... :)
  • Beeinflusst die Favoriten bis zum nicht funktionieren. Kein löschen oder speichern selbiger. Habe dieses Add-On deinstalliert- alles funktioniert wieder.
  • Does not work
  • Works just fine.
  • Shows only size of 360p resolution?
    YouTube™ Downloader Lite shows the sizes of all downloadable Video resolutions.
  • Must-have addon. Regardless of paying a small amount of money for pro-features, it gives exactly what you want it to have.
    And quick responsiveness from a creator.
  • Paywalled.
  • Mp3 downloading doesn't work :/
  • I am a pro user - and I use this addon mainly for conversion of YT videos to MP3. Really in short this addon is my first preference for my purpose and if someone can identify a better one will be happy to give it a try.
  • Great extention, easy downloads and always updated. It's a pleasure to donate some bucks for this.