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  • Works great and is always updated to keep working even with the big changes that youtube keeps making every year.
  • A Favorite Add-On For Me! The Thing I Especially Like About This Extension Is That It's Useable On My Cellphone. I Have The Mobile Firefox & The Extension Download As An Add-On To It. It's EASY & GREAT! 🙂
  • Does not allow 1080 downloads without Pro version.
  • estupenda extension
  • Very clear, easy-to-use add-on. On my very first download I ran into the upgrade wall but that was explained properly and worked well. Unfortunately, I misunderstood originally and ended up getting a Premium YouTube trial, that I didn't really need. If I end up using this frequently, I will certainly make further donations.
  • Videos can not be saved in their nativ Resolution, if the Resolution ist different from 144, 360, 720 or 1080. For example: 480p-Videos can only be saved in 360p format.
    Videos lassen sich nicht in ihrer nativen Auflösung speichern, wenn diese nicht 144, 360, 720 oder 1080 ist. Bspw. lassen sich 480p-Videos nur im Format 360p speichern.
  • I am very glad that I chose the Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express by Dishita because it works! I have not had much luck with any of the other claiming to allow you to download videos without having a YouTube paid account. I chose to to donate to the cause because I have seen how often this product is updated and I know that the support I will get will be top notch! All the features in the product work as they should and it is very easy to use. I'm very happy with the Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express
    Keep up the good work Dishita!
  • Absolutely the best one button download for youtube.
    Try it you'll like it .
  • Great tool for offline viewing. I believe it's worth the small donation ask for. Takes a few days to update when channel changes delivery system. I Don't care, just have some patience.
  • Muy eficaz. Rápido y sin fallos.
  • Couldnt even DL a audio file from youtube.. useless
  • Currently the best YouTube downloader available. Very easy to use. Highly recommended!
  • fast and easy to use, reliable, recomended
  • Basically, it only allows you to download a low quality vid unless you get the Pro version. I just want to download audio, so I'll be uninstalling this POS addon. The only thing it added was frustration.
  • "Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express" does what it says. It is the best downloader I have ever used. The simplest way to download AV content for mahala. No accounts, no sign up, no cost. Go get it!
  • Says it works to download mp3's, then when I try it informs me I have to buy the Pro version.
  • Absolutely a top notch app, so simple, rarely will a you tube video be in a format that this app can't work with. Keep up the great work.