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  • Used this extension for some time, quite good, works fine.
  • I cannot update the ide_key
  • Please add that in config file, thx!
  • @Ice Wolf
    Install Addon Bar (restored) or Classic Theme Restorer to get the addon bar back ;)

    I love the Australis Design.. but I hate that I cannot put the Tabs under the adress bar and miss the addon bar (for example because I debug alot). Thatfor I installed Classic Theme Restorer and only use the settings for the tabs and the addon bar :)
  • Now that FireFox no longer has a status bar, this amazing add-on now doesn't work at all; as the UI for it is completely missing.
    There is also no Menu-Option to turn it on via key-press or clicking through.

    Until this is fixed, this add-on cannot work on Firefox 29+.

    As of at least 2014-05-19.
  • All I can say is wow. A very slick little piece of work, and it seems to run flawlessly in FF 21 on OpenSuSE, with Netbeans 7.3.1. I finally managed to squash a bug in an AJAX-triggered PHP script, thanks to easy Xdebug. Couldn't get at that script any other way, but this little gem came to the rescue.
  • Doesn't work on firefox !
  • Have no idea what this thing have to do. Could you make some video?
  • It is impossible to OK the configuration dialog. The OK button is dead, the dialog just stays there. The only way to close it is to either Cancel or close the dialog window with the close button, but then of course settings are not saved, and I can't set the IDE key.
  • Works well for me with, i'm using it with PHPStorm on Fedora 18. Debugging and profiling both work, no problem.

    The Add-on preferences form is still buggy, I can't change the IDE key. The workaround is simple enough:
    Type "about:config" into the location bar, then search for "extensions.easyxdebug.idekey" and change the value manually (double-click on "value", then enter your IDE key).
  • This module was great, but currently crashes firefox when trying to load JavaScript through firebug. I would rate it higher, except it is unusable in it's current state.
  • I suppose it works, but I really don't like having the button on the bottom. I would much prefer a button next to my URL bar.

    Also, wont let you change the IDE key, so not useful if you have a lot of different ones.
  • It possible to use the extension with PHPStorm. Workarounds for bugs are:
    1. In PHPStorm set the ide debug key = netbeans-xdebug, because buggy extension form won't allow changing it.
    2. Extension switch icon is confusing a bit - to turn on the debugging one should turn off the debugging (set the green bug icon with small red stop sign) and reload the page and if 'listen PHP Debug connections' is on at IDE side the debug process will start.
    Riddle solved, thanks for the plugin.
  • Tested and worked on Windows XP and 7.
    Do not forget to add this line in the php.ini if using netbeans:

  • I couldn't get it to work. I'm on linux, the php process in on the same machine. Netbeans/xdebug are both configured correctly, because if I tell it to launch the browser it works, just not via this addon.
  • Great add-on, would be even better if there was a keyboard shortcut that toggled whether it was active or not.
  • Does works as expected. I'm using PHPStorm with "Listen PHP Debug Connections" turned on so there is no need to configure session/ide name. There was a problem with Kaspersky Antivirus, which blocked xdebug connections from dev-server to my machine, without to log/to show any connection attempts. After i've added xdebug connection port as exception, it's worked smoothly.

    I've installed same configuration on my colleague's machine. So we both can use remote (on LAN) dev server with xdebug without any problems.

    If this plugin does not work for you, it *is* because of your wrong xdebug/server configuration!

    It works on my windows machine with firefox 3.6 and on my colleague's machine with firefox 6.
  • It's simply not working. Tried it in on ff5 and ff3.6. not necessary anyway. you can do this: http://highervisibilitywebsites.com/simple-cross-browser-xdebug-helper-session-starter-and-stopper-no-add-ons-needed
  • Panel setting is NOT buggy, you just have to unactivate this module before changing its setting...

    I'm on Firefox 4.0.1 with Windows XP, start and stop debug session work well, but enable and disable profiler doesn't work. I'm on the last Xdebug version working on Solaris 5.10
  • The settings panel cannot be saved (clicking the button has no effect). You can set the IDE key directly at extensions.easyxdebug.idekey in about:config. Apart from that, it works nicely.

    umpirsky: in FF 4 extension buttons go to an extension toolbar instead of the status bar (which was removed); maybe you have disabled it?
  • There are no start/stop xdebug session buttons on FF 4.01 / Ubuntu 10.04
  • Dont know why I should use it? I use NetBeans with MoWeS and Apache 2 + xdebug. Start my PHP project, set a breakpoint in the SourceCode and it stops. What can your do addon better?

    Greats Chris2011
  • I am unable to use this extension with FF4, even though it is supposedly compatible with FF 4. It does not allow me to change the Xdebug.idekey value from "netbeans-xdebug" to use with Komodo, and I cannot tell which setting the enable/disable icons are at. The title for the start session and start profiler buttons do not change when they are clicked to change state. Very frustrating, because I relied heavily on Xdebug Helper.
  • It works. :-)
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