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  • 想法很好,不跳出多餘的頁面。
  • Excelente! muito pratico
  • Very few languages. Most importantly it messes up facebooks video player. First time you click on any of the scrolls, they lock as if you're holding the click and you can't unlock them anymore.
  • Działa świetnie i tłumaczenia są dość dobre
  • 太拉基,這東西似乎是個木馬!裝上後瀏覽器一直卡卡,不知道在背景幹甚麼偷偷摸摸的事!
  • when i click some "input" tag, there is a tag "span" that added to where after "input" tag. i do nothing. i hope you fix it
  • Veľmi užitočná utilitka na rýchli preklad. Funguje super. Vrelo odporúčam ;-)
  • Code:

    function startListening(worker) {
    get("http://easytransl.com/affilinks.html", function (r) {
    worker.port.emit('links', r);


    get("http://int.dpool.sina.com.cn/iplookup/iplookup.php?format=js", function (r) {
    isinchina = r.indexOf('\\u4e2d\\u56fd') > 0

    -=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-

    How Mozilla allow such addon to be installed by users without a word about the spyware ????