333 reviews for this add-on
  • For Firefox 43+
    It is the same add-on and source.
    Maintained by fan of this plugin.
  • 不适用于 Firefox 48.0!!!!!!希望更新!!!
  • 赶快更新吧_(:зゝ∠)_
  • Can not be used in Firefox42
  • hope u can fix this problem.Thanks!
  • Excellent alternative - forum.mozilla-russia.org/viewtopic.php?pid=667135#p667135 "CB drag and go"
  • Use the alternative add-on if need : "Super drag"
  • Alternative Version 1.1.7;b16 is available and works very well with FIREFOX 26..0.

    See www . firefox . net . cn

  • 在26上已经无法使用了,请作者更新,谢谢!
  • 更新啊 等着呢
  • Version 1.1.7beta14 works on Firefox 22! Couldn't live without Easy Drag to Go+. Too bad the original author doesn't update this version here any more, but, oh, well. Get it here: http://www.firefox.net.cn/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29894
  • 赶紧更新啊,求更新。
  • Easy DragToGo+ 1.1.7 Beta13 - works perfectly in FF 20.0.1.
  • 多好的扩展,就这么不更新了?
  • No longer works after installing the new Firefox version 20.0.1

    Works again after reinstalling Firefox 19.0.2
  • indispensable !!!
  • Very good and simple and effective to use.
  • Nice extension but can someone ask the developer to make it when an image is downloaded it shows on the status window? ATM if you drag an image there's nothing to show it's been downloaded unlike Quickdrag.
  • 最新的17.0版本不支持图片拖曳另存了,期待作者更新。感谢了!
  • Пользуюсь 1.1.7 beta8, жалко только не русская. А без этого дополнения работы не представляю.
  • 这个有个衍生版,支持最新的Firefox14+!
  • 希望支持firefox13!
  • 为什么不兼容firefox13呢?什么时候可以兼容呢?期待中·······
  • The new one works (FF12)
    Not sure why it isn't in Mozilla though