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  • 時不時的會失去作用!
  • thank you thank you thank you.
  • Это самое главное расширение. Было. В Квантуме ничего полезного не работает :(
  • 非常感谢~

    thank you 风中小筑 for
    easy_dragtogo_smod - 1.1.7.b28 - fx - ja - sign.xpi
    Anyone who needs most fresh version take it from latinum link
  • Fantastic...
    Please make the quanturm version.
    I can't move without this addon.
  • find latest version here.


    this is idragonet's thread,author of [Easy DragToGo+],I made some modification.

    [easy_dragtogo_smod-1.1.7.b21-fx-ja-sign.xpi] is japanese version of this one.

    it works under e10s~but may still have some problem,Text can't drag in to input box,etc

    Not capable for firefox FF57.
    The talk is about
    versus "mine" b21.

    Could not download addon file, test or compare b29.
    Probably needs modern FF to install directly from link.

    I'm currently live happily with windowsXP and FF50
    and not planning to upgrade :))

    Anyone with more modern systems
    try to use firefox.net.cn- link mentioned by hadesshen,
    not tested myself so here you on your own)))
  • Please make an workaround to this Addon so it would work on Firefox 57 upcomming this November !
  • Please update for ESR 52, doesn't work as well as it used to
    update of browser gives more problems than merit,
    be aware.
    My personal configuration Firefox 50.0

    tech guys of Add-on central declare
    Add-on compatibility with Firefox 56.* on 31 july 2017
    though personally didn't test it of course,
    just a chance for people with 56.* version to install and see
    if it works

    Thank you
  • replacement of old Easy DragToGo
  • 更新了新版本后,这个插件丢掉了,好不容易找回来,拖拽搜索以及打开新标签页,我最需要的功能了。
  • Сделайте пожалуйста версию для Линукс!
    К сожалению и эта версия чуть не исчезла с просторов интернета, вот занимаюсь её поддержкой для скачивания через этот портал
    Разработчик давно потерялся, так что имеем то что есть.
  • Saves a lot of time especially if you work a lot with images!
  • My settings are:
    Left - Save image as...
    Right - Open in foreground tab

    Both left and right opens image in foreground tab. FF 53.0

    This was still working in 52.x AFAIK
  • this add-on is the most useful one i have ever used in FX.
  • https://github.com/piroor/treestyletab/issues/1253#issuecomment-285394936

    When a link is dropped, an error is logged in the browser console:

    TypeError: this.aDragSession is null[Learn More] easydragtogo.js:390:77
    openURL chrome://easydragtogo/content/easydragtogo.js:390:77
    onDrop chrome://easydragtogo/content/easydragtogo.js:934:14
    onLoad/< chrome://easydragtogo/content/easydragtogo.js:113:21

    This seems to be a bug of the compatibility code of Easy DragtoGo++, so it should be tracked by the author.
  • Thanks, it works perfectly. And there is one question: 'Add-on Compatibility Reporter' shows 'Easy DragToGo++ ' is not compatible with multiprocess.
  • Picture 4 way (+) mode is not working properly. when enabled left drop does not save to folder.
  • please add an indicator to know if image was successfully downloaded
  • firefoxを使用する最大の理由がこのアドオンの存在です。最新のfirefox対応にして頂きありがとうございます。
    Also want to thank the reviewers of firefox community who go through source code of this plug-in before it can be published.
  • when Tree Style Tab is installed, the drag function of Easy DragtoGo++ (last version, compatible w. FF 50) doesn't work anymore. Please fix!
  • Hey, really appreciate what you did for us drag to go users, but firefox 50 broke everything :(

    hopefully this can be fixed..i don't know how to internet without it
    sorry guys not planning re-engeneer addon for now
    Tried to postpone its death as I could.
  • ff50 doesn't work at all (((
  • FF 50 x64 - does not work at all.
  • I tested this add-on in a clean & fresh profile within FireFox 49.0.1. This way we eliminate any interference from other add-ons or custom settings.

    The various Text drag settings work. The various image drag settings work.

    Unfortunately, the following Link drag settings do not work:
    - Open links in new foreground tab
    - Open links in new background tab

    In both these cases, the links are opened in the current tab.


    I want to say THANK YOU to westpoint2 for updating this add-on!

    There is no other like it (I tried them all, and they're lacking).

    Even just the two "Text" & "Image" options are invaluable in themselves.

    Still, I hope someone can find a solution to the Link drag issues.
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