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  • It's a great extension but it doesn't work on the most recent version of firefox.. Update, please?
  • I was installing Tab Mix Plus for just this feature. Uninstalled it after finding this addon.
  • simple and does not impact performance.

    I had to remove TabMix Plus as it kept making memory >80% on my fresh install yosemite 10.10.3.

    this add-on had no impact on performance
  • No me explico como estas funcionalidades no vienen de serie en el navegador. Es realmente útil poder fijar tus pestañas con un simple doble click.

    Aunque acabo de ver en un comentario más abajo que desde Firefox 17 se puede hacer Control + Click para obtener el mismo resultado... >_<
  • Thank you, very useful!
  • Perfect, very usefull.

  • Would like to use, but hardwired shortcut conflicts with other apps, such as Tab Mix Plus. Already use double click for Tab Mix Plus feature. If could customize the shortcut for Easy App Tabs would give more stars. As is, needs more flexibility! Shortcut seems hardwired! Tab Mix Plus does so many things with tabs, don't want to give up because of a 1-featue app!
  • It just moves the selected Tab to the Left side of the TAB sections
  • Stumbled on this looking for something else.
    Didn't really know anything about app tabs.
    Now I can't do without
  • Very very good!!!. Love it, the app it´s perfect for me. I always have a lot of tabs opened and the app help me so much.
  • UX++
  • Does what it should perfectly. After using it for a while I got so used to it that after installing a fresh new Firefox on clean machine and seeing that this feature does not work I was already going to send a bugreport to Mozilla guys.
  • Very useful but necesary addon! Many Thanks!
  • This is built into Tab Utilities addon
  • good idea!
  • Kudos to the developer who's behind in this add-on.
    My only suggestion if its possible for you to make a toolbar that will make all the active tab as app tab.
  • One of my defaults! It became more handy than I thought!
  • Delivers everything it says it will. Easy to add, easy to use - nuff said.
  • Even though this addon is small, it is one of the best I've come across. I always pin numerous tabs, so this addon is a timesaver. Thanks to the developer.
  • Does what it promises, simpler than right-clicking. But habitual double-clickers would find this always in their way.
  • very good! but i hope in the next update, there will be a automatic pin app that you dont need to click the tab to pin it
  • A life-saver!
    Now pinning a tab is much easier!
  • I really like this app...except, every time I restart FireFox the icons are not there and I have to recreate. When will this be fixed? I will rate it with five stars once this fix is implemented.
  • Why does it say incompatible with Firefox 4.0.1 ?
  • This is a really nice addon. I like when use the keyboard shortcut to close a regular tab, but accidentally close the app tab, the app tab stays there unless you double click or right click
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