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  • nice

  • I wanted a korean-english-korean dictionary, unfortunately, it offers only japanese-english, japanese-korean etc. I think a proper title for this plug in would be east asian - japanese translator

  • It works! Though it would be great if it was a part of a toolbar with an ability to manually type phrases, that you'd like to translate. And if the translation was in the form of pop-ups. ^_^ I guess I'm too much a dreamer ^^" ahaha~

  • It isn't compatible with Firefox 3.57, please update.

  • Very nice and what i expected. The pages may translate to engrish but at least it makes enough sense to allow you to navigate through japanese sites and pages with little trouble

  • great tool. would be even greater if it included options to remove some of the translation options on the right click menu (e.g. i don't use chinese japanese, or korean japanese)

  • very nice work, exactly what I was looking for.

  • At present this extension can only translate from Ja[panese into English. I would very much like to see this extension translate the other languages into English as well. Additionally I personally do not like buttons on my status bar and would like to see the option to move the button to one of the toolbars.

  • Very useful If you want to translate only Asian Web.
    I love to use it with Japanese Web, It develope by Excite.co.jp ! . Of cause Nobody can do it better.
    Must use !

  • Useful add-on if you need to translate Chinese websites.

  • I already knew that Excite's Japanese translations were 100 X more accurate than BabelFish's, so this is a no-brainer must-have.