Very Functional but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Duplicate Tabs is full featured. I personally only need the standard Duplicate Tab capability and in particular the tool bar icon that comes with it to Duplicate a Tab. that way I can duplicate with a single click and not have to right click and scroll a menu. Since I only need part of the functionality it's incompatibility with Tab Mix Plus is a big issue for me. So I have disabled the features which seem to be an issue with Tab Mix Plus, those being Merge Windows and Duplicate in a Separate Window. I have also disabled the appearance of the right click menu option to Duplicate Tab which I already have so that option does not appear twice. There may be other issues with TMP so maybe I'll just have to find a tool bar icon for duplicating tabs without the Duplicate Tabs add-on extension installed. I just don't know what the other incompatibilities with TMP might be and sadly I need that add-on more than this one. Thank you.