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  • I've been happily relying on this simple little workhorse since it was first brought to my attention that such a basic feature was missing from firefox. It does exactly what it says, with no excess baggage.
    FF terminated it with prejudice, though, so https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/duplicate-in-tab-context-menu/?src=userprofile seems like a decent replacement.
  • I just installed Duplicate Tab in the latest version of SeaMonkey, and can quite happily attest that it's working perfectly — not much more than I can (or need to) say, beyond thank you!! :-)
  • I agree with Mike Clark below. This is simply an automatic drop down button on most browsers under either file or edit. Why make this so complicated?
  • Love this add-on! Posted a version that works in ff 15.0 here
  • Works fine in FF11, can't seem to get it to work in FF12, so I downgraded to FF11.
  • Work Around for Current Firefox Version

    Duplicate This Tab: Hold CTRL Key Down & Move Tab with Mouse. Works great for FF 10.0.2
  • Without a doubt this is the one extension I hold off upgrading for. It is, by far, the most useful add-on I use. Once you get accustomed to using it, it is very hard to be without it. I agree with several others; IT SHOULD be an integral part of Firefox. Please keep it updated. Thanks.
  • Duplicate Tab 1.0.2c no longer works now that Firefox has reached Version 10.0.1 . Duplicate Tab Version 99.0 still works but its distribtuition vehicle, megaupload.com, has been shut down by the FBI, apparently for violations of law. I have a copy of "Duplicate Tab Max Version 99.0.xpi". As Duplicate Tab is being kept alive by its users and no one is losing money thereby nor, as I understand it, is it copyrighted, if someone will post it on the web for us and put the link here, I will be glad to send it to them for that purpose.

    This Extension should definately be a part of Firefox as it is integral to Firefox's use.
  • it's perfectly working on 9.0.1 !
    btw I would like to customize the toolbar button, I tried with the chrome.css using "duplicatetab-button"
    but I failed, please may I have the right "identifier" (i.e. for Brief the identifier is #brief-button )
    thanks in advance !

  • Duplicate Tab Max Version 99.0 download link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LY2X5UPT
    (Tested with Beta8.0,Release7.0)

    @Empatojayos : Why don't you just clone it and upload it to this site,and maintain it yourself,the original creator has obviously abandoned this add-on.I set the max version so high so people won't have to bother looking for an update,since there has not been one from Twanno in a very long time.I have been using this add-on for a few years now and It works fine with every Firefox release so far...with add-on compatibility reporter installed.If it stops working...find a suitable replacement that is maintained.
  • I posted a working add-on for Firefox. (I modified the original, now accepts Firefox to v10.9)
    (Tested successful in FF7.0.1 stable, FF8 beta 1, FF9 (aka Aurora) alfa 2, FF10 (aka Nightly) alfa 1) Only-32bits.

    Hi Devilush, i like test the addon before recomend.
    ¿You tested this addon in Firefox 11, 12, 13..99?

    By the way: DuplicateTab have minor issues with FF Nightly x64. (Can't change settings).
  • This feature should be built into Firefox. IE, Chrome, and Opera all have a built-in duplicate tab menu item. Anyway, the plugin works well, does what it says it does, and the extra configurability is appreciated. One request: I'd like the option to hide the keyboard shortcut hint in the menu.
  • Many thanks to Empatojayos, would not live without that little tool
  • this is one of my favored extension, and Empatojayos's modification works perfect on FF 6
    its a shame that the official extension is not supported any more.
  • I updated the rdf file (Google "edit an xpi file") to max version 9.9 and it appears to work just fine in Firefox 5.0.1 on my new Windows 7 64-bit machine. This is great news since I love this add-on, especially that it duplicates the history of the tab as well.
  • Nice one Empatojayos!
    I so missed this add-on in FF 4.
  • Duplicate Tab still works!!!

    Unofficial public update: http://bit.ly/arVAAa
  • For those wanting an updated version of this, someone has made an updated version called "Duplicate this tab".

    Just a straight code copy but with latest browser support.
    Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/156490/
  • I wish this would be available for recent firefox...
  • Thanks Rachel, can we do the same for version 3.6.6? What is the path to the "install.rdf" and to edit it do I just open it? Thanks!
  • Excellent app! Simple and easy to use. Still works in v3.6.3 - there doesn't seem to be anything incompatible here, just the developer did not edit the install.rdf file to keep up with new versions. To change the version number, see the instructions here: http://bit.ly/3JRv0N. I changed the version number to 99, to avoid future update issues.
  • Absolutely the best Tab addon I've ever used. Best because it adds a "duplicate tab" BUTTON to your firefox that you can then put where you want it (using customize)

    It is certainly a shame that development of this addon has been discontinued, but I changed the .xpi file to work up till version 9.9 as described by others. Thanks!
  • Works fine in Firefox 3.6.3. if you change the version number in install.rdf.
  • I loved this extn. I really only use Duplicate & Detach and this was just what I needed.
    I haven't found another Extn Quote like this one.
    Pity it is discontinued