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  • Could you add yet option to duplicate from within website body context menu?
  • Great feature.
  • In my opinion the context menu is the best place for this function, because you can dublicate a tab without activating it first.
    Works well, hopefully it will be ported to web extensions.
  • (Could not find anther way to contact Schuzak)
    I was wondering if you are planning to port this add-on to 57? [Update: removed error msg as fixed by developer]
    Thanks for the answer and the fix :)
    [update: how to install for 57 Nightly]
    download xpi > change config to allow legacy addons > install from file
    Are there plans to port to web extensions?
    Fixed in ver 3.1.0 .
  • It's so nice to finally have this functionality back, after it went missing years ago.

    Ignore that review that says it just opens a new tab and loads the current page. This add-on does not do that. It actually duplicates the tab.
  • Though I hoped for it to actually duplicate tab while all it does is create new tab and open the same URL in it
  • Would like to have in page context menu so that no mouse movement up to tab bar is necessary.
  • The add-on worked as expected.

    Since it is a very simple add-on, there were no extra features to rave about.

    It does exactly what it is suppose to do.

    It provides a way to duplicate any chosen Tab in Firefox browser from a (right-click) context menu.
    I specifically chose this add-on because of the context menu entry option.
    Some other add-ons of this kind do not offer that option.

    This add-on is reliable and simple to use.
    I use it countless times a day.

    I will continue to use it in both of my PC's, indefinitely.

    I would recommend Duplicate in Tab Context Menu to anyone who finds they need to load a duplicate of a web-page they already have open, for one reason or another, and want to use the context menu option to do this.

    It's a simple, invaluable, easy to use add-on.

    Thanks to those that created this extension!
  • Was searching for it as this is built in feature for chromium . thanks
  • Keep it up!
  • when chrome first introduced tabs years back, it was the cats meow, even IE added duplicate in new tab! i always liked firefox, but the duplicate feature was missing, tried numerous time to have firefox as my browser, but searching craigslist without this sucked, and the keyboard shortcut i read about here in the reviews is lame. i can now try to use firefox as my main browser and ditch the evil spy on me browser known as chrome.
  • Should be built into Firefox.
  • Yet another addon for those who didn't know about Ctrl+Drag&Drop for tabs.
  • A very useful addon; I didn't want to use up memory with TabMixPlus. This is the feature I missed. I'm glad I found this one.
  • Super useful feature, built-in in chrome and so missing in Firefox
  • Useful
  • Debería venir incorporado de serie en Firefox
  • +5
  • Works perfect!
  • I'm using another tab add-on for appearance purposes but it was missing this feature and it's been driving me crazy. This does, literally, exactly what I hoped, and with no compatibility issues, thanks Schuzak!
  • I regularly use Chrome and always liked the function to duplicate a tab. Since switching to Firefox I wonder why this simple function is not included by default. This add-on therefore is a must-have for me. Simple, silent and does the job!
  • Does exactly what you would want it to do.
  • It works amazingly well. Its a feature that I missed from Google chrome... Thanks to add-ons, yet another gap bridged.
    Thanks Schuzak!

    Only con: I have MozFFx in Catalan, and the button appears in English. Just being picky.
  • It like to me I can create shortcuts to duplicate the tab.

    Me gusta poder crear atajos para duplicar la pestaña.
  • I can't figure out why this isn't included out of the box...better than always having to Ctrl + Refresh