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  • Worked great until it didn't. It no longer works and the developer website is down. This needs to be removed.
  • first
    Preferences error
    ReferenceError: nsPreferences is not defined

    Preferences error
    ReferenceError: nsPreferences is not defined

    Preferences error
    ReferenceError: nsPreferences is not defined

    that message shows up 3 times after you click generate !!!
  • Impossible de générer du texte. Une erreur ReferenceError: nsPreferences is not defined apparait irrémédiablement...
  • Error when trying to save preferences.
    Errors when trying to use it.
    Website defunct.
  • The error message "Preferences error
    ReferenceError: nsPreferences is not defined "appears when I want to generate lorem and also when I want to save my preferences.

    How to fix the bug?
    Thanks for this plug-in
  • It doesn't work for some time now. Several versions. This is big issue for me since i use this addon all the time, and i use Developer edition for development, and regular Firefox for my standard browsing.
  • Right click a text input, click Insert Dummy Lipsum, and watch nothing happen...
  • Ubuntu, FF 48.0

    Error: cross-process JS call failed
  • I set the textarea options to 30 words, but I still get the default. Boo!
  • There's no way to select how much text you want (or anything else) on demand, you have to change the global settings. And it doesn't insert text at cursor location, as you might expect—it first removes previous text area contents (twice!)
  • I love this adon, I use it daily. Recently there was an error, as you can see in other reviews on this page (the only error I've seen since I started using it several years ago). The developer fixed the error within a few days and everything is running smoothly again. Good job, sir!
  • Very good extension, but not working any more in Firefox 45.0.2

    Response: [object XMLDocument]
    Status: 500
  • Although it is handy I had to drop it. It draws from a page that has no privacy policy. There are other services that at least have them.
  • Love it. Includes a right click feature to insert Lorem.
  • Works nice. You dont have to go lipsum.com for generating dummy content.

  • This is a Great time saver, but one annoying trait is that when I click on the tool a second time it refreshes and removes the previous text that was generated. I think this should only happen on "Generate". Yes, I can cmd tab through my open windows to find that last one, but would prefer that when I click on the tool again it doesn't clear my last one. It would also be nice if one of the features was just clicking on the tool added to the clipboard without opening the tool.

  • thanks so much
  • Great Addon !! Thanks for this. !!

  • I love this tool .... makes my frameworks much easier to see concepts without opening a certain website every few minutes
  • Nice. One thing I'd like to see added is the ability to select, or at least preset, how much text you generate from the right-click menu.

    Also, the dialog box should remember your settings from one usage to the next. Or at least give you the option to.
  • Отличный плагин.
  • I actually didn't expect this add-on to be great like this when I looked at the amount of users and ratings but this is a HUGE impact! As a web developer this is a tool that I use almost everyday! Please leave as it is, or don't remove anything in the future releases. This add-on and the developer needs much more attention!
  • Pretty simple, but does exactly what I need. Thanks! :)
  • Work nice as intended... I need this for a while but did not think it could exist :-)
  • It works fine with FF 10.0, but when I insert Dummy lipsum text in a text zone (form) it replaces existing text.
    So it would be better to insert where cursor is, but not replace content of whole textarea ;)