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  • Bullshit that appears above the official DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials. Don't get this piece of shit.
  • its the best there ever will be or is yet to come besides TOR hopefully they have done some serious 0 day updates until then it is not safe period i had a look at it but an always go to app is by far duck! nothing against tor i love it 2 different things here mind you. thanks DUCK 5 STAR
  • That all important button that you use when you don't want Google acting so hawkish and knowing everything you are searching for. Your privacy is important. This button makes it easy to get to DuckDuckGo every time!
  • I have used DuckDuckGo for years and have had no issues. This is one great browser.
  • A very good extension for a quick information the website you're visiting. With their privacy grades, you're always on the know how trustworthy is the website you are in. Gets a whole-hearten recommendation from me 👍
  • Uninstalled. I don't usually select text to search, I type it. If it had customised searches, e.g " .. -quora" to block results, I might use it again.
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