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  • I find DuckDuckGo easy to use, and fast, I use on a couple of computers and all works well for me
  • Es una buena extensión. Me gustaría que hiciera mas, como ofrecer un servicio de VPN (aunque no necesariamente), sirve para usuarios que estén contantemente en páginas desconocidas y determinar cuan seguros ese encuentran.
  • 這個真心好用,是偉大的作品.
  • Thank you for This!!!
  • coooooooool
  • I would like to save dark theme in addon cuz I don't like cookies.

    Please, please duckkkk go for it
  • I like IDing trackers but do not want to change my default search engine to DuckDuckGo. Too bad user not given the choice to use the one without the other.
  • Super fiable, ami fidèle
  • I guess it works but #1. It's a search engine with the same results as Google, which is cool but it lacks one of the few filtering tools I use: Filter by the past year. You can only do the past month, which removes abou 75% of the results I'm trying to get to. Google seems to give the same results but it let's me see that full year and get the pages I want.

    #2. Any search engine that insists it's all about NOT tracking and privacy requiring an extension just makes me feel a LITTLE suspicious about how safe and private it actually is. I'm going to have to use WireShark to see what it's actually doing as I run searches before I feel that it's totally safe.

    I mean, come on, Ghostery is an ad blocker owned by an ad company and Web of Trust got caught secretly selling user data. It's not like everyone who creates privacy related internet utilities is out to help people or be honest. However I have not tested that theory yet so it's still simply a theory. I'll report back when I track it's internet activity, especially upon initiating a search, and I have read the extension's source code.. and, no, I'm not joking. I did the same with all my extensions, which is why there was some kind of site where you could look up extensions privacy and security ratings.

    Initial thoughts on their bragging points:
    #1. Escape Advertising Tracker Networks — Firefox already has a powerful anti-tracking feature built in plus container tabs disrupt tracking significantly as well. My privacy/security arsenal makes this irrelevant multiple times over.

    #2. Increase Encryption Protection — HTTPS Everywhere AND ScriptSafe both already do this for me, so for me this is of no significance whatsoever. My firewall also does this so I don't need a fourth thing doing one easy to do job. And my DNS requests are already TLS encrypted so even my ISP has no idea where I go, thanks to Linux being so useful and easy to use. So irrevlevant that it hurts.

    #3. Search Privately — I don't need the extesion for this part, right? Isn't that the whole point of the entire website in the first place? Is this all they have to brag about? I have many privacy based searches engines in my Firefo default search engines with much better results. I honestly hate the results of any search on DuckDuckGo. Also, doesn't work at all for porn even with filters compltely disabled while Google or StartPage can be a porn paradise if you choose the same unfiltered settings. Surprise! Men like porn!

    #4. Decode Privacy Policies — Undetermined at this time. Let's find out, allthough I really prefer StartPage.com when it comes to non tracking, privacy based search engines. Way better results page. By far with all the search related tools that you get from Google but without Google tracking.

    So far I'm finding this about as useful as a Do Not Track request. Because they're both bragged about features that do almost nothing at all because every site ever made ignores the Do Not Track setting. I should know afer doing the job for 22+ years. Guess what? Us web devs DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR DNT. WE DON'T EVEN CHECK IT. EVER.

    NOTE: Why does DuckDuckGo Put all these cookies on my machine and StartPage doesn't put any on my machine yet I get the same experience from both but not only more results but much BETTER and more RELEVANT results from StartPage?

    I'd also really like to know what these large encrypted chunks of data in my search URLs are even when I search for one short word and the encypted data is a lot more data than that by a factor of about 50.
  • Other than that great privacy tool. I love the simple system of rating sites.
  • Obligada, como todo de la gente de DuckDuckGo. Es tremendamente fácil de usar y funciona de maravilla. Te añade el buscador por defecto y añade opciones anti-rastreo.
  • What happened to release notes for the 2018.10.4???? Can't find anywhere, not in versions nor at github. Staying at previous version until I know more. Don't like updating in the dark.
  • keeping it real, keeping me sound at mind :D
  • I would like an option to invert the privacy rating color for people who use dark mode
  • je ne comprend pas votre question...
  • Nachdem ich das Plugin gelöscht hatte wurde DuckDuckGo als Platzhalter in der Adresszeile angezeigt. Wenn ein Plugin meine persönlichen Einstellungen löscht, um sich einen Vorteil zu verschaffen, ist der Datenklau nicht weit.
  • Отличное приложение, пока всё устраивает!
  • Safety at last while surfing.
  • useless.the only thing it successfully done was crash my browser.tested out the encription point to point into russia to which it failed.ironic(snowden).smart https did what this app couldnt do.(same server test)
  • the private thing, does it legit?
  • It has some great features, but it has one fatal flaw: the forced https is WAY to persistent. I'm a college student, and the personal website of one of my instructors (that doesn't take any kind of personal information) doesn't support https. This extension should have a way to detect that and disable the forced https for that website, after giving the user a clear warning. As it is now, I have to completely disable the extension every time I need to visit his website.
  • I was having the usual problems with web pages jumping constantly while I was trying to read. Duckduckgo cured all of that and more. The annoying adds that pip up or blink on and off are gone!!
    You Rock Duckduckgo!!
  • اكثر من رائع
  • Lo bueno es que esta extensión hace su trabajo sin afectar el rendimiento de la navegación, al contrario la apertura de las paginas es más rápida.
  • its the only way forward people control