9 reviews for this add-on
  • What will they think of next? This works great!

  • Awesome add-on that makes browsing the DSLR forums a lot simpler. My only suggestion would be to have an option that allows users to open links in a new tab. As of now you have to open a new tab manual and then use the add-on.

    5* add-on and definitely worth using. :)

  • This little add on is perfect for keeping track of your posts, topics, mail, and instant messages. Love it!

  • Great extension, thank you for the great work!

  • This Add-on works great for checking IM's, posts, and system messages from BBR/DSLR. Saves time by giving you a notification icon in Firefox. Have been using using 2+ years without any issues, highly recommended.

  • Great extension, excellent support!

  • Great extension glad to see its being maintained once again.

  • the DSLR Notifier 2 is an excellent extension that makes dslreports.com a much more functional website for it's members.

  • Works great for DSLR notification of messages and forum topic updates that you are following. The developer is very active in supporting this as well.