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  • i uses this for verylooong time ... but ... it makes *bar (menu bar, toolbar, etc) cant be customize
    right click on *bar -> customize = nothing happen
    if i disable this = i can customize these bars (adding new button, etc)

    win FF3.5.19, please update ... your fans ... waiting ...
  • We want support for FF 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Needs to be updated for Firefox 15.0.1
  • A good add-on for moving around your toolbars. Although does not work on add-on bar
  • I have the same problem as reported by frbaxter2 with FF 8. Took me a while to figured that DragNDrop Toolbars was the problem :-(
  • Very good at what it does - fix Firefox toolbar problems that sometimes occur. Unfortunately, there is a problem with Firefox 8. When this plugin is enabled, right clicking and selecting customize to move your toolbar buttons no longer works. It doesn't appear that this plugin is actively developed any more so I don't expect it to be fixed.
  • update please
  • You ask for $5 donations "up front" which, to me, is indicative you must be interested in increasing cash flow or, just making money. That is not all bad. What seems to be bad is dragging your feet giving the folks what they want for FF 4.0. Make it available and increase your income!!
  • We need this for FF4.0.1+! Please...
  • is anybody out of there???
  • Silem: Please post your update to addons.mozilla.org . My security-conscious Mom won't let me download an .XPI from a third-party site, and what with today being Mothers Day and all... Thanks!
  • I was able to tweak the XPI file and add it to my FF version 4.0.1. Works like a charm now :)

    The tweaked XPI can be found on: http://www.prodigio.nl/stuff/dragndrop-toolbars_tweaked-for-FF4.xpi
  • Cool add-on. Works fine in FF 3.6.
  • Have to give it one star because
    1) No way to contact developer
    2) Developer wants money when no way to contact him/her except to give him money via paypal - but then you can only give money - not have any meaningful dialog. Insulting when an addon doesn't work and no communicate back to all those who did donate money.
    3) Addon is completely worthless with Firefox 4.0
    4) He uses a domain as his website base with no contact info - and even the whois is obfuscated.
    5) Not sure who is the bigger dimwit - this guy or the developer in Mozilla that made the change to break the only program that moves toolbars - and the mozilla developer didnt program in a new way to move toolbars in Firefox 4.0.

    If any of the above is untrue - I will edit my reivew
  • This sounds like a really cool add-on and exactly what I am looking for but I am using FF 4. Any news on when / if this will be update to work with FF 4??
  • I loved this addon..... until Firefox 4 was released :(
    Now everything is messed up
  • I've just spent 30 mins trying to get my toolbars back to how they used to look in 3 and I finally got there by doing a bit of a shuffle.. restarted Firefox and toolbars all back to messed up :(
  • Hope this will someday work for version 4 soon, I miss it.

    5 Star if it worked in 4, but seeing that it does not then 1
  • Perfecto para ordenar las Barras!...

    Primero Barra Marcadores, segundo Barra Direcciones, tercero Barra de Pestañas, nada mas.. :P

  • Works perfect on 3.6.13. You have to rightclick on the very top and choose unlock. This made my day!! Many thanks!!!
  • doesnt work for me. im using firefox 3.6.12. please make compatible!!
  • After I moved the toolbars, there is a small problem with a PrefBar toolbar - it doesn't show up after restarting Firefox and I have to make Rignt Mouse Click: Customize: OK on the toolbar to restore it.
    Prefbar extension link:
  • awesome!
  • I remember liking this A LOT. It did its job so well that I no longer needed it after using it once. That was 2 years ago I think, and my toolbars are still where I put them, through all the upgrades to 3.6.8 now! Thanks.
  • Works perfectly for me, thanks!