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  • Not good. Does a lot of things, but has a ton of bugs, including losing settings.
    P.S. I'm using FireFox 47.
  • Reset when restart portable ver. 54
  • This is a great add-on but currently it is not compatible with new feature of Firefox 54.
  • On Installed firefox it works very well, but I don't know why it always reset all setting to default on portable version.
  • why?
  • This is without a doubt one of the most powerful extensions ever created. I rate it 10 out of 5.
    I only wish that some sort of a user manual was available somewhere.
    Thank you Dr. S for sharing this masterpiece with us!
  • Это, наверно, чаще всего используемое мной расширение для поиска, но в версии FF 51b12 не сохраняются настройки этого расширения и они сбрасываются к настройкам по умолчанию. Пожалуйста, исправьте это!
  • Every time when I restart FF48 gestures reset itself to default state, all customized gestures lost. :(
  • This is a useful extension, it's too bad it that it won't be updated to work with WebExtensions.
  • I customized some drag gestures, but they always got cleared after firefox was restarted. So need to redefine the gestures frequently. Very annoying.
  • "Reload Tab" command not working in mouse gestures. In last FF version.
  • This is a handy add-on.
    I use text function "Search in background tab" frequently.
    Recently, this function seems to be not working anymore.
    When the text dragged, no search tab created.

    I'm listing my browser and other addons below, FYI
    (Created by add-on "Extension List Dumper 2")

    Brownser: Firefox 44.0 (20160123151951)
    OS: WINNT (x86-msvc)

    - Adblock Plus 2.7.1
    - Avast Online Security
    - Avast SafePrice (Disabled)
    - DownThemAll!
    - DragIt
    - Extension List Dumper 2 1.0.1
    - MEGA 3.3.7
    - Netflix Super Browse 1.3
    - PDF Architect 3 Creator 1.0 (Disabled)
    - Tab Groups 1.0.2
    - Tab Mix Plus
    - Video DownloadHelper 5.4.2
    - YouTube High Definition 44.1
  • it is such a useful addon!
    it makes surfers life so hard, without it...
  • most valuable add-ons ever
  • When I drag a link , the page(Tab) I close just before is open.
  • FF43, "search in background tab" works about 1 in 30 cases. the one thing I really need this for.
  • Очень полезное дополнение, спасибо.
  • always crash when drag selected text to save.
  • good enough for me
  • Хороший функционал, но не работает восстановление настроек! Хотел перенести настройки на другой компьютер - Restore, выбираю файл бэкапа, и пишет:
    The preferences could not be restored
  • Thanks for this add-on
    I need this add-on for fast-saving images but there are two issues:
    1. Only One folder is configurable; I added two folders in Folder tab of options dialog but I can't find any way to select which gesture save to which folder!
    2. When I left drag an image the big thumbnail of that image comes with mouse and add-on has no option for disable this
  • This is an amazing extension. You just have to take the time to customize it. Can I suggest you to add Private Tab support? i.e.: "Open in background private tab"
    Thank you very much.
  • Слишком много настроек. Сохранение изображения глючит. Нет преобразования текста в адрес.
    EasyDragToGo лучше в разы, но к сожалению не поддерживает последние версии.

    Подскажите аналоги, пожалуйста
  • Only thanks to him I still use firefox.
  • very bad addon, can't compare with the formmer drag to go. this addon integrates so many functions, but don't have any instruction at all, man can never know how to use it, especially in the advanced mode.