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  • The second best after uBlock Origin.
  • 所有瀏覽器都應該自帶這項功能!

    複製帶連結的文字,不用再小心翼翼的用滑鼠對準邊邊角角,也不用按住 Alt;裝了這個擴充套件後,直接大大方方的複製,就如同一般的文字一樣。
  • Works great! Makes copy/paste work so much easier ...
  • I used to be an Opera user. If you were a power-user, that's the browser that called out to you. Period.

    Every time I switched to other browsers, there was always a feature (or more) that they lacked. Even the "simple" act of highlighting text within a link (which I had taken for granted) wasn't supported anywhere on the "modern" browsers I trusted enough to install.

    It never occurred to me that an extension could fix this. I'm browsing extensions today and literally just stumbled unto this while reviewing extensions in the "other" category.

    Like magic, Kestrel has delivered something I thought long lost. Not being able to highlight sections of text within a link has been a dull aching annoyance for so long that I have learned to grudgingly live with it. Coming across this has literally made my day!
  • Отличная работа.
    Не понимаю почему разработчики не релизуют эту возможность, если не по умолчанию, то хотя бы в виде настройки.
    Ведь именно такое поведение при выделении ссылок является правильным.
  • Indispensable! On peut enfin copier facilement des liens ou des bouts de liens..Cool!
  • Great. It works!
  • Select like a boss, WebExtension ver. & Enhanced ver.


    Bug?: When enabling this extension, drag and drop function is triggered by it, then couldn't drop the link in the library listbox of firefox (non-textbox area), but work fine for dropping to external programs.

    Edit 2:
    Not a bug, it's my misunderstanding. By default press and hold on will select all of link text. To drag a link, I need to drag non-horizontally.
  • Works well, does what it says.