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  • Отличная работа.
    Не понимаю почему разработчики не релизуют эту возможность, если не по умолчанию, то хотя бы в виде настройки.
    Ведь именно такое поведение при выделении ссылок является правильным.
  • Indispensable! On peut enfin copier facilement des liens ou des bouts de liens..Cool!
  • Great. It works!
  • Select like a boss, WebExtension ver. & Enhanced ver.


    Bug?: When enabling this extension, drag and drop function is triggered by it, then couldn't drop the link in the library listbox of firefox (non-textbox area), but work fine for dropping to external programs.

    Edit 2:
    Not a bug, it's my misunderstanding. By default press and hold on will select all of link text. To drag a link, I need to drag non-horizontally.
  • Works well, does what it says.
  • альтернатива Select like a Boss, который действовал как выделение в старой опере
  • Works flawlessly. Useful extension. Thanks.
  • Krestrel, thanks buddy! Excellent extension, which I found by accident. It never occurred to me to even look for this because I was so used to struggling with selecting link text. Good work!
  • Absolutely essential.
  • Awesome!
  • The addon is truly perfect now. The dev is alive and actively maintaining it, fixing all problems I ever had with it. Highly recommending for anyone.
  • Works great! Imo there should be an addition to let you double-click in order to select hyperlinked words.
  • working as of 15 Feb 2018