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  • Does not work on Firefox 52 ESR, or Waterfox, and the webextension if far from to be a real replacement. Another great extension goes to history because of incompetent mozilla developers.
  • Not working for FF54 x64 and the revived version is too incomplete - ie as a user I have no idea how to get a custom search URL, I don't see any way to rename the custom search engine or change the number of rows.
  • I've just updated FF to 54 and functionality to drop anything to a cell on the grid doesn't work. FF doesn't respond to an URL address with a query but rather puts the required right as an URL itself. Take a look please.
  • ここ最近FirefoxがVer.Upするたびに不具合を起こします。
    具体的には、設定画面から「Drag & DropZonesの配置」が全く操作ができないことです。配置をずらすこともできなければ、検索エンジンを追加・削除することもできない。


    なお、Drag & DropZones (Revived)というアドオンが出たようです。これも現時点では開発初期段階で日本語の対応が不十分なため使えないと最初は思いましたが、Custom Search URLを調整すればなんとかでなるようですので、こちらに乗り換えることとします。
  • Doesn't work in 54 , lags with e10s, it doesn't deliver search engine results and gives me redirects instead.
  • I upgraded Firefox ESR to 52 and this addon stopped working.
  • неможливо редагувати / додавати нові події
  • Bonjour,

    Le glisser-déposer (drag-and-drop) ne fonctionne plus au niveau du paramétrage, impossible de modifier, d'organiser les moteurs de recherches.

  • e10s compatibility update please
  • It used to be a perfect add-on. Without a new update, i'll leave it...
  • I can not add a new search. My settings do not work. And there is a conflict with the mouse gestures "FireGestures". I am waiting for updates.
  • Working in FireFox 50. Donated.
  • The placement change can not be made by setting
  • Edit. Add-on has now been updated to work in Firefox 50.

    I've had to downgrade to an earlier version of Firefox as I just can't go with out this add on. Been using it for a few years and I've come to rely on it too much to be able to do without it. Hope this add on gets updated soon.
  • Please update that simple yet ingenious add-on and make it work again in FF 50
  • It doesn't work in FF 50. The zones don't appear at all. Please update. I can't live without this addon!
  • Just activate e10s, and in about:performance tab you can see:
    "Drag & DropZones may currently be slowing down Firefox.
    Impact on framerate: 7/10 (12 alerts)."
    If you not use drag-and-drop function.
    Nice idea searching with drag-and-drop, but low performance in e10s is killing.
  • edit for FF 50: this add-on no longer works at all. I miss it. T_T
    I sent you an email reporting bug named:
    "Drag & Drop Zones : opacity bug"

    I will add that it needs to scale icon size to a fix or a max size like 48px in setting→search engine tab→left panel containing search engine. If a search engine has a big icon icon size (256px), it will ends that every search engine height will follow this size.

    It seems it doesn't support e10s.

    I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it. I know mozilla changes too frequently and it's pain in the as* for dev to maintain their add-on. I empathize with you.
    Do you plan to update it?
  • 您好,用Drag & DropZones配合Save Image in Folder可以方便的拖曳保存图片到不同文件夹,但是发现个问题,就是火狐刚启动后,拖曳保存无效,文件夹里看不到拖曳保存的图片,而且在Drag & DropZones【选项】→【右键菜单动作】中看不到Save Image in Folder设置的那几个文件夹,只有在图片上右键弹出菜单显示出Save Image in Folder的那几个文件夹,之后再拖曳图片,才能正常保存,这时在Drag & DropZones【选项】→【右键菜单动作】中也能看到那几个文件夹,这个问题不知是怎么造成的,怎样解决,谢谢!
  • This is one of my top 5 add-ons and one of the reasons I could never change Firefox for another browser. I use it since the beginning and makes surfing the web extremely easy and fun.
    Thank you Andy for keep developing this great add-on and especially for the last version where you can disable search when dropping outside the zones. I was stuck to version 1.5.3 because of this.
  • This is an incredibly useful extension. Once you try it, you will wonder how you got along without it.

    Many thanks to Andy Portmen for continuing development of this great extension!

    Recent bugfixes help so much!
  • Hi,
    after upgraded to firefox 43 I saw that the search option to add were dissapeared and all tiles resetted. After D&DZ recently update now they are return but I can't add them to the grid and create the tiles; maybe is the third update to Firefox 43.02 that cause the issue.
    PS: is there maybe a trick to set to avoid any action performed if I drop on empty tile? This is the only limit of this unbeliveable add-on.
  • This is the best add-on that I've ever used on firefox. It's REALLY convenient and easy to use. It's a most creative way to search on the Web. Imagine you could simply drag your keywords to the grid automatically shown and release the mouse key, the search is done. So fast! I'm a language leaner and I use it more often to look up new words on different dictionary or reference sites (like Oxford dictionaries, Cambridge, wordreference forum, etc.) as there are more online dictionaries now available. This one is part of the more comprehensive add-on Web Search Pro (Mr. Captain Caveman is a developer of that add-on) which includes not only most features of Drag & DropZones but also many other useful search functions. There's an option of this add-on to choose between switching or not to the page opened after a search and personally I perfer to choose not to switch so that I need not wait for the page to load fully and I can continue my work on the current page without being disturbed. This is very good and considerate!
    This great add-on is one of the very reasons that I have adhered to using Firefox. It really has helped me a lot when I search on the Internet. I'd really like to express my thanks to the developers. Thank you! This is the best add-on!
  • Tout bonnement génial !
  • The best.
    (I would like the option of undo actions)