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I solved one problem but I am still plagued by another..

I am running DTA v2.0.13 with Firefox 11.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1. I had problems with renaming masks. The default mask would disappear after the first time I used DTA in a browsing session. I had to re-enter the mask for each subsequent download. I discovered that this bug is due to setting "Dropdown Menus" to "0" (zero) in the "Privacy" tab of the DTA Preferences menu. I now set "Dropdown Menus" to "15" and my mask issue is resolved.

However, I am still encountering a random issue with the file time set to some downloaded files. I want all file times set to the time I download the file. In the "Advanced" tab of the DTA Preferences menu is a setting "Set file time to last modified time (server) or time of queuing". Regardless of whether I check the box in that setting or not, sometimes my downloaded files are set to the time I download the file and sometimes the file time is set to some other time which, I assume, is the server time. I sort my files according to Date in Windows Explorer and I expect the newest downloaded files to be at the top of the list. DTA always worked as expected in this regard (I go way, way back with DTA) but I am struggling to resolve this issue that seems to happen randomly. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate it tremendously.

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