Excellent! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Just installed this evening and, after setting up the preferences (very basic and straightforward by the way), I decided to put it to the test.

I got this basically for d/l-ing live concerts from archive.org so I first added 2 new filters (1 for Shorten files and 1 for Flac files). Very easy to set up. Set downloads to 2 at a time. Set "max chunks" (# of "multi-parts" each file is split into) to 3 and enabled disk space pre-allocation. Then I loaded it up.....

I loaded the queue with:
6 different concerts going to 6 different folders
total of 119 files totaling aprox. 3.69 gigs
combination of .zip, .flac, .shn, .md5

Total time to d/l: 1 hour 49 mins

Where I usually reach a total d/l speed of aprox. 150-160k and end up having to re-d/l a few broken files.......with DownThemAll I was maintaining aprox 570-590k and all 119 files d/l flawlessly.

I also was very happy that it took only a few mouse clicks to d/l the average of 20 files per concert page. Most concerts there have several different formats to choose from (mp3, ogg, flac or shorten, lo-fi mp3) but, with the filters I made, DTA only selected what I wanted....very nice!

I am extremely impressed with this Add-on! With the ease of installation, the simplicity of setting it up and customizing it, and the overall performance.....this gets an EASY 10 rating from me!

Thank you!

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