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There are some changes in the latest version 0.4.1 that forced me back to the previous one. The window is automatically minimizing to the taskbar when the download starts. Is there a way to prevent that? Also, pressing the stop button on the right of the download closed the window, even though that new option wasn't checked. I prefer it to stop the download and nothing more. Hopefully these become options only for those who prefer that behavior.

Update: 0.4.2 has fixed everything. Kudos to the developer for the quick response.

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Does https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/downloads/downloads_window.xpi resolve these for you?

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Perfect replacement for the lost download window though it's getting annoying that we have to keep installing more and more addons to get these long-used functions back.

Just a note: I see some posters would rather that the window stays open when the download is complete but count me as one who prefers that it closes. I had it set that way in about:config. Hopefully in any future updates the developer adds the ability to configure it to each person's preferences. An option for the window to automatically clear itself or not when the download is complete for example would be nice.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Yeah, I added some options in 0.4.0 which should satisfy most complaints here, including whether the window stays open or not on completion.