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  • PLEASE update to webxtensions. Its not worth NOT doing. You have come this far with this.
  • Please, make it compatible with the new Firefox Quantum!
  • It simply does what I want. Eagerly hoping for a version compatible with the new Firefox.
  • please update this app in firefox 57.0!!!
  • This extension works really well on Waterfox, since its no longer supported on Firefox 57.0
  • i loved this app since i could close my Firefox window and still have things downloading. However, it doesnt seem compatible with Firefox quantum! i really wish it was! hopefully that gets fixed soon!
  • Hello, this addon is really useful. There are any plan to convert it to webextension? Only if this is possible, of course...
    I don't plan to convert this add-on to being a WebExtension.

    Unfortunately, several features of this add-on wouldn't appear to work within a WebExtension. In particular, by design, WebExtensions cannot replace or override certain existing Firefox UI elements and behaviors, as this add-on does, rendering a hypothetical WebExtensions version less useful.

    There are admittedly imperfect replacements for aspects via built-in FF functionality -- e.g., about:downloads and Tools menu -> Downloads (with associated keyboard shortcut). These may satisfy some use cases.
  • Addon keeps incrementally getting better. The only thing is that the download window doesn't automatically close when the browser closes which was the default Firefox behavior of the old download window back in the day.
  • As above. Had to reinstall v.0.6.6
    Version 0.6.8 addresses at least some of this; e.g., https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/issues/45/private-window-download-loses-file-size#comment-38098688 discusses this.
  • The latest version no longer shows file size (when download complete).
    Fixed in version 0.6.7.
  • is there a way to revert the changes they've done in the latest firefox? show download size/info/where its from in the download window again? I don't wish to have to go to library just to check those info.
    Fixed in version 0.6.7.
  • Addon still works great but icons have changed with Firefox 52 and the pause button now appears to be corrupt.

    Glitch does appear fixed in version 0.6.6 but the icon itself seems blurry and out of focus compared to the cancel button. Progress bar is also larger with a border that wasn't there before.
    Should be fixed with version 0.6.6.
  • As the title says, this add-on is absolutely necessary for users like me.

    But as of FF v52.0, Mozilla decided to make downloads look even worse, and now the progress bar of the downloads is a horrible blue mess, instead of using the default windows progress bar.

    If there's any way to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.
    If not, then could you at least point me in the right direction?

    EDIT: Thank you for the response and the update.
    Very interesting info.

    The bar is now thicker, but still pretty much the same.
    Thank you for trying to fix it though, even though this is clearly Mozilla's doing.

    In any case, it isnt actually an issue, more of an aesthetic annoyance.
    I.e. I like the animated progress bar from Windows, and I'm used to seeing it whenever there is a file copy or download active, so its also a change from what I am so adamantly used to.

    I hope this add-on will continue to exist in this form in the future?
    I dont know how or IF it will work when webextentions are the only thing that will work on FF...?
    Yes, I see what you mean. Hopefully version 0.6.6 fixes it.

    It appears to be fallout from https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1301384 ("Unify the progress bar styling in the Downloads Panel across platforms") and https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1269956 ("[meta] Firefox Download Panel UX Redesign").

    It also, in my tests, occurs in the completely fresh-profile stock Download Library pane in FF52 and FF53, not just the previous version of this add-on.

    Perhaps this is because https://bug1269956.bmoattachments.org/attachment.cgi?id=8791134 ("Download Panel & Content Handler" design document) attached to bug 1269956 linked above explicitly says on page/slide 6 that the Download library is "out of scope" because "it is planned to blend into activity streams", i.e. Mozilla appears fine breaking it because they may deprecate it soon regardless.
  • Could you also make it compatible to "MinimizeToTray revived (MinTrayR)" so that it can be minimized to tray?
    I re-checked this, and what I wrote before still applies as of the apparently current version "MinimizeToTray revived 1.3.2":

    I looked at MinimizeToTray revived 1.1.2 and its chrome.manifest very specifically applies to chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/downloads.xul which actually still exists and now displays an empty shell of the former downloads window. This add-on cannot/should not take over that URL, since the chrome://mozapps/ tree is reserved for some built-in Firefox code rather than extension code.

    Thus, so long as MinimizeToTray revived's chrome manifest reads:
    overlay chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/downloads.xul chrome://mintrayr/content/mozapps/downloads.xul

    It will not apply to the Downloads Window add-on.
  • Sorry to report a bug through here, but I currently can't view my downloads. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, didn't work. Window appears blank even though I'm apparently downloading something.

    Edit: Bug fixed immediately! You're the MAN!

    At least I can truthfully say that this addon is always on point, not just in terms of function, but also with developer interaction.
  • Another fix for customisations taken away in later FF versions without any good reason. Without these add-ons to restore sanity I would've ditched FF long ago.
  • Thank you for restoring this classic and basic functionality. Also, seems to work fine with latest Pale Moon 27.
  • Works perfectly, except with an XML parsing error on Nightly and dev edition.


    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://downloads_window/content/downloadsWindow.xul
    Line Number 56, Column 5: ----^

    Other than that it is amazing! :)
    Will make it to AMO at some point.

    Until then: https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/downloads/downloads_window_2016-09-04_rev2.xpi which includes the fix https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/commits/04ff9fedb8bfde4c7bf375e0aeac2ccebd639270
  • After I close FF 48.0 downloads window stays opened
    This is a key use case of this extension and one of the reasons I created it to begin with. WONTFIX.

    If you want to quit FF, there's a "quit" menu command/keyboard shortcut/etc. "Close" does just what it sounds like. It does not necessarily quit FF.
  • Fantastic addon but for some reason (I can't believe this is not noticed, maybe it's because of my locale setting) in latest 0.6 version I can't right click on download in progress and select "Copy download link" anymore...!? CTRL+C is working fine, but that right click menu is grayed out :( Can you please look into that, thanks you in advance,

    P.S. Can you please put icon.png in root of your addon .XPI...? Almost every extension have it's own icon when looking at Add-ons in Firefox, only Download Windows has default green puzzle :(
    https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/downloads has a build from today which should address both issues.
  • Dear Ungram, thank you for last version: in Fx47.0 (beta) it works correctly, but in 48.0a2 (Developer) its something awful, even if e10s is disabled: http://storage1.static.itmages.ru/i/16/0525/h_1464187302_4019864_5bfdf730bf.jpg
    Though, in principle, it works, but window stays opened after the download finish. Please, if its possible, adapt the extension for the browser versions higher than 47.0.
    https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/downloads/downloads_window_2016-05-25.xpi via https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/commits/ce9aca4651c35db0ed5059292feeeb8d898cd783

    I can also see the graphical button display issue your screenshot depicts, but at least with the fix above, the add-on is vaguely functional in FF48. I encourage you to report bugs using https://bitbucket.org/ungram/downloads_window/issues?status=new&status=open as well -- AMO isn't ideal for this.
  • Please fix this for ff47.
    Fixed for FF47.
  • After updating to 47 beta, it no longer shows downloads. Instead, only a white background is shown in the area where downloads are supposed to be.
    Fixed for FF47.
  • Works great for the official channel. Was wondering if there is an upcoming update for e10? Or are you waiting for things to finalize for committing?
    It also works in the beta channel, just not, without disabling e10s, the dev channel.

    I'm going to try avoiding creating an e10s XUL version when XUL's disappearing, or becoming unsupported, perhaps within a year or two also.

    Thus, I'm going to target WebExtensions. This add-on uses mostly the downloads and history APIs. Until a couple of weeks ago, the downloads APIs were blatantly inadequately implemented, and the history APIs still are. I'm watching both tracking bugs (downloads and history), so I can follow this as it happens.

    My plan is to initially wait for the next FF release/channel rotation/etc, and at that point re-assess how the APIs look.