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  • it still works but it's as uncomfortable as it gets... always reinstall windows.zip package. not capturing clicks. jdownloader2 itself sucks by being slow (java?). what a process right? worse than 20 years ago.. no native downloader plugin exists.
    thanks mozilla to stay in the past with this browser. YET another inconvenience.
  • works on multiple windows systems, but from time to time it forget my credentials.
    next problem: the credential login dialog will close after I pasted my email and THEN TRY to paste my password into dialog ... so I have to choose ONE :-(
  • It doesn't work with Firefox now, only Chrome.

    Don't waste your time; it's been reported on GitHub with no response from the dev.
    What a shame. I donate to FOSS projects that don't suck.
  • В версию ФайерФокс 52.9 его не загрузить - отстой!!!!
  • Works on my machine™