Doesn't Work with my Firefox v. 21 Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I had been using the Firefox Add-On called "1-Click YouTube Video Downloader" with exceptional results, but I inadvertently removed it. When I discovered it missing I searched the Firefox add-ons for "youtube downloader" and this one came up, so I mistakenly thought it was the one I had used before and installed it. However, I quickly discovered it was not the same add-on I'd previously installed because there was not a "Download" button that automatically appeared on each YT video webpage. So, I tried to troubleshoot this add-on and found that it simply does not correctly install on Firefox v. 21. After removing it I was fortunate to once again find the Add-On called "1-Click YouTube Video Downloader". Once again, this "1-click" downloader is an absolutely perfectly functioning add-on for flawlessly downloading YT vid's directly to your internal HDD, external HDD or flash drive in the video format of your choice and in resolutions of up to 1080p high def! Don't waste your time with any other YT vid downloaders. On the other hand, I would not recommend anyone waste their time with this here "Dowload Videos From YouTube" unless you're running a version l7, which should have been the version in effect when this add-on was first published. By why use an older version of Firefox when you can upgrade to the latest version with the latest security patches and be able to use the 1-Click youtube downloader add-on?

Review above obviously by dev! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

The extension doesn't work period. I know what I'm doing. Not a noob. Also there's no help or tech support or troubleshooting. What's the point? One star for the bouncy, pointing smiley face that tricked me into trying the extension.

Great Rated 5 out of 5 stars

5 stars for idea and technical details
5 stars for working good
4 stars for button design, (which is mine opinion - could be a little smaller, not to dominate, but to be a part of scene, although red is a good solution, it is visible)
Congratulations - keep up the good work