Very Nice, but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Would be even better if the auto-timeout didn't fire when the mouse is over the download bar (so as to give an easy way to keep it visible while you are working with it).

This might be outside the scope of this extension, but personally I would also love to see some kind of auto-sort option (ie. into folders based on extension/mimetype) built into this extension. I've tried several other extensions claiming to do this trick, but none seemed to work reasonably well (some wouldn't do it for all ways to start a download, some had obscure and/or non-functioning filter/rule systems). If anyone knows about a good download-sort extension, please let me know (privacy.lover¤

This being said, this extension is a vast improvement of the download GUI in Firefox. At least I never liked the standard window much.

Keep up the good work...

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