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  • Generally excellent, and much better than Chrome's built-in offering (and one of the reasons I keep using Firefox). However, I have one complaint: there's no capability to indicate or restart failed downloads. If the developer adds that, then I'll be fully satisfied.
  • Hi, great add-on but... it's the been quite a longtime already that when clicking on the downloaded file in the status bar just doesn't get any reaction (also the broom). I have to click several times till it activates the option chosen (if it is to open it or open file location, etc.). Something is buggy! I'm using FF 50.1.
    Please help!
  • This i a wonderful addon, and I've been using it for over a decade.
    However, nothing is perfect: calling /usr/bin/clamscan with appropriate options, something which works on the command line, does nothing to the downloaded file. As such, it would appear that the virus-scanning feature of this addon does not work on GNU/Linux.
  • Excellent, must-have add-on! However, not rated five stars because I think option to show most recent downloads at the top of the list would be a significant improvement!
  • I've been using this addon since day one, & it's been wonderful. Alas today I found my Number #1 browser, Pale Moon was no longer supported by Download Status Bar.....Please update the addon to work with my browser! I refuse to use another...PMs the best!
  • Please update the compatibility with Palemoon 27. And thank you so much. That's real example how software should look :).
  • Great to see this add-on explitly supporting Pale Moon. With the new version of Pale Moon v27, this add-on doesn't work any more. It installs, but the bar doesn't show when a download starts. Could you please update Download Status Bar. Many thanks.
  • I miss the old funktion:
    "Automatically continue downloads in the download manager "

    So, I could close firfox and the Download wasn't stop.
    What is the reason this is out now.
  • It was useful for a long time but now it's slowed down Firefox (version 26) until it takes 15 minutes to start up. I've tried unistalling, but re-downloading causes the same long wait. Is there a cache that needs to be cleared? I can't find a support page for this add-on.
  • Using Pale Moon 26.5, the items in the status bar can't be moved by sliding the item away from the browser and into the folder, this problem has been going for a long time.
    Good news, the upcoming Pale Moon 27 will fix that and the sliding works, but I have a suggestion.
    When we slide the item out of the browser and into another location(folder), can the item auto-clear itself from the statusbar, something that the original add-on used to do?
  • I like this add on, all aspect that i need is here.
  • Works nicely and makes downloading a more visually clear experience.
  • Thnaks for updating on June 2. Couldn't survive without it!
  • It's a very good addon, I really like it.
    Why not to add a feature to start the download manually and/or an option to set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads?
  • Very good addon, one among the must-haves.

    Only 1 thing i don't like is that it pops up even if i watch videos at fullscreen (youtube for example). I don't mind if it displays downloads when i manually put FF to fullscreen (F11) .
  • Very good addons. Would it be nice if the download will be able to be cleared in the download bar when we SHIFT + drag & drop the file to Windows Explorer.
  • Good app! Add please: 1. sound errors when loading 2. Parametr visibility specified number of downloads, old downloads removed and was always seen for instance the last 10 downloads.

    Thank you!
  • this little extension does a lot, is well developed and it is clear how much work and thought has gone into it when you start to use it
  • ...what else? It has everything I was searching on a Download Status Bar. It fits perfectly on FF window, you can hide it, make it bigger or smaller. It shows a lot of info on the pop-up window and you can choose the details to show on the bar.

    Ah! And it is working with current Nightly build (Firefox/48.0)
  • This is not only a MUST HAVE addon but recently added support for Palemoon which goes to show the developers level of commitment to the project!! Awesome job! The ONLY thing i'd like to see added is a short animation when the bar is closed.
  • As of today (08 March 2016), there's an updated version (

    I've installed it in both the latest Beta (v. 45) and Nightly (v. 48). As far as I'm able to see, it works fine in both - and I have 40+ other extensions installed!

    Thanks to the dev.
  • Tout est dit dans la description, pour avoir tester un grand nombre de statut barre, celui est le plus simple mais le plus agréable estétiquement et optionnellement.

    Et compatible firefox 44.0.2 ( No beta )

    l'essayer c'est l'adopter
    Hi Yorotiba,

    Thank you so much for your review and kind words. Glad you like it.

  • This is a MUST HAVE add-on. I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Unfortunately, recent changes make it no longer function in Palemoon 26.0.

    There is a workaround.

    Around line 1388 of bootstrap.js you need to add code between the lines ...

    DownloadBarComponent.prototype = {
    this.windowtype = "mail:3pane";
    DownloadBar.windowtype = "mail:3pane";
    case "Pale Moon":
    this.windowtype = "navigator:browser";
    DownloadBar.windowtype = "navigator:browser";
    case "Fennec": break;
    default: //"Firefox", "SeaMonkey"

    In order to modify bootstrap.js, you must open the .XPI file for the addon. Best approach is to go to the addon page, right click the link to install the addon and save it to your desktop. Then, open with winzip (XPI is ZIP). In winzip, open bootstrap.js with notepad++, go to line 1388 and add in the extra case for palemoon. Then fille --> Save and exit. Winzip should ask if you want to update the XPI file. Yes! Then save the XPI file from Winzip. Now, in palemoon, open the XPI file and you can install the fixed version.

    Hope this helps those who did not know how to get at the bootstrap.js :-)
  • I use it for 2 years. Most of the time there were not any problems. But now in full screen mode (e.g. on YouTube) I feel that the panel gets to me. So I wish the option "hide toolbar in fullscreen mode"
  • very useful, thx to the developer