401 reviews for this add-on
  • Please update.
  • Simple and all that you need
  • Самое удобное расширение для Firefox!
  • Love this add on! PLEASE update it to be compatible with the new version of Firefox!
  • great tool...please create a new FF57-compatible version!!!
  • One of my must-haves. Please update if you can!

    Or someone can recommended a new add-on pretty please?
  • The best download status ever - have all the important functionalities in a compact format.
    Just hope that dev will port it to Quantum or that someone could advice a similar extension as good as this one.
  • È stata un ottima esperienza in quanto firefox quantum 57.0 non la supporta più. È un vero peccato!
  • Best of the best.
  • Please update this addon!
  • То, что надо. Надеюсь сделают совместимость с FF Quantum
  • Missing this extension BIG TIME. I hope it can be made to work with Firefox 57 and beyond.
  • PLEASE update this addon asap, or someone, offer a viable alternative without installing other programs. I love speed of quantum, but download statusbar is not something I can do without.
  • Love this addon! For all the people asking to port to 57/quantum. Currently that is *impossible* because mozilla is still thinkg about whether to actually allow addons to make panels (like a status bar), see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1215064 . A hack could be achieved right now where a status bar is created on the webpage that sorta looks like it's part of the browser, but it would probably never look convincing.
  • Please update for electrolysis. This is an essential app. I can't do without it!
  • It was a pretty nice and helpful tool, I am missing the update for Quantum :-(
  • Отличное расширение, сделайте работу для Firefox Quantum
  • Bitte auf aktuelle Version Firefox 57 updaten! Danke!
  • Awesome add, please update for Quantum... Thanks a bunch !
  • Vivement une mise à jour de cette extension :)
  • Indispensable, vivement une mise à jour pérenne pour les nouvelles versions de Firefox MERCI
  • i like your Download Satus Bar and i need update for quantum
  • Need update for quantum!!! Please!
  • I really like this extension
    but I hope it support FF 57 ASAP
  • Vraiment indispensable pour une vraie et bonne gestion des téléchargements, incontournable !! Une des 5 meilleures (et utiles) extensions proposées sur Firefox selon moi ... L'utilisant depuis des années, je suis "perdu", ne pouvant plus suivre et visualiser en un coup d'oeil la progression de mes téléchargements :( Mettez la à jour pour qu'il y ait une équivalence compatible avec la version 57 et les suivantes, vous ferez beaucoup d'heureux !!! ;)