401 reviews for this add-on
  • simple & usefull
  • That's one of my favorite extensions, please update it so it's compatible with the latest firefox Quantum... :)
  • просто супер
  • I absolutely love this add-on. I am very sad it's not compatible with the new version of firefox (released Nov 2017). I hope it will be updated soon.
  • This add-on is not compatible with Firefox 57. Update, please :)
  • Loved this extension. Shame it no longer works on FF57 - it's the only extension that I really miss since the upgrade. I really hope it does eventually get ported over. I'd even pay for it.
  • сделайте поскорее совместимость с версией 57
  • i really love this plugin. Makes knowing the status of your downloads and accessing them so much easier. Really bummed that Firefox v57.0 made it no longer compatible. If not fixed in the next few weeks, I will just downgrade back to 56.x and then disable automatic updates So I can get this back till its updated. I am sure they will release a new update that makes it compatible. Just need to be patient.
  • Best plugin!
  • Works like a charm up to FF 56 ...
    I'd love to switch to Quantum, but this add on is one of the reasons I won't .
    This functionality should be a built in feature, but until it will become one - could you please update it?!?!?!
  • Obsolete since Forefox 57, please update
  • Please update this is a great extension and should be an integral part of Firefox.. A must have...
  • Please update
  • Extension indispensable. Pourquoi est-elle incompatible avec la nouvelle version de Firefox ?
  • Please update ASAP - I use it ALL THE TIME!
  • Please update this add-on! I´m definately missing it! Thanks a lot!
  • Please update
  • С нетерпением ждц новую версию под новую мазилу
  • Ставлю 5 баллов за прошлые заслуги и авансом с надеждой, что cделаете версию для FF57.
  • The download status bar does not work with the new version on mozilla
  • Miss it! Works great! Time to update for Quantum!
  • Please bring it back on this new version of FIREFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • please please make it compatible with firefox quantum :)
  • good
  • One of my must-haves until Firefox Quantum. Hoping for a Firefox 57 (and beyond) compatible version soon. I am missing this add on.