399 reviews for this add-on
  • This application is indispensable for me. Please make it compatible with Firefox Quantum. I downgrade to Firefox 56.
    I write from Colombia.
    Please update Download Status Bar!

  • It makes my life easier.

  • super module que j'utilise depuis plusieurs années , mais manque de mise a jours depuis 2 ans donc bon ...

  • Excellent, always use it - until Firefox Quantum came along. Running on Firefox 56 until Quantum is usable.

  • PLEEEAAAAAASE make it compatible with quantum!
    Thanks in advance

    PS: I tried to find alternatives... Nothing approching this excellent add-on...
    WX Download Status Bar is so far the best (less bad) I found



  • Please update, your unavoidable excellent plugin is not compatible since FF ver 57. :-(

  • Hope one day it wil fixed in mean time i use this
    This is not a download manager. but a status bar at the bottom of Firefox with a counter

  • nicht kompatibel

  • allow to keep a constant eye on downloads, does md5/sha1 check just by hovering the mouse on the file, this is just a must have.
    I miss it every day since it's not available from the update to firefox 57 !

  • Seriously missed since the release of "Quantum". Hopefully an update is coming.

    I like being able to set the color of my download progress bar according to speed.

  • Download the nightly build and it will work. You need to look for all versions and hit "download anyway"

  • Please, Update for the new version Firefox Quantum....
    It´s really necessary for me

  • Hey man!
    Could you please update this addon for newest version of FF?
    Please, please. We all missed it.

  • +

  • DAMN i miss it. The standard button is so annoying and no easy way of moving downloaded files around. PS. if money could do it, i would pay for it

  • Ein total nützliches Tool. Ich wünsche mir eine Portierung nach Firefox ab 57.

  • i miss it.

  • Love it! Shame it's not working with Firefox Quantum...

  • Please make this compatible with firefox

  • Please update to newer version on Firefox!
    We're missing this one of a kind add-on to make us happy!!!

  • Dude your addon is great but you gotta do updated version for the newest version of firefox!
    Come on! We believe in you!

  • PLEASE update this GREAT add-on to work with Quantum, there is no alternative :( I will gladly donate once this is updated!

  • simple & usefull

  • That's one of my favorite extensions, please update it so it's compatible with the latest firefox Quantum... :)