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  • Hi Szalgiris Thank you very much, and take prompt action to provide Taiwan language really big push you to attach

  • Further impressive good work!

    The width of the status bar can be preset now.
    However, the individual downloads will continue be shown only in a width of 150px. They should fill the full width of the status bar.

    stck.setAttribute ("maxwidth", "1200")
    stck.setAttribute ("style", "max-width: 1200px

    Continued success!

    Greetings from Berlin / Germany

  • Merry Christmas!Good Job!
    Download Statusbar不兼容以后终于找到替代品了.圣诞快乐!

  • Thank you Szalgiris, and other previous developers for creating this Download Status Bar. Works Excellent. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014 !! @wupme, Have you tried to update to last version v1.9.9 ? v1.9.9 Does it all for me !!

  • отличная замена не работающему с ФФ26 DownloadStatusBar

  • Excellent! Thanks for updating this add-on; it's been one of my favorites for years now. I use it on all platforms I run, Linux as well as Windows. As of today, 12/24/13, most or all of the previous options are working.

  • Great AddOn.
    Since the Remove-Button and the middle-click action even better than before.
    Colors also very useful.

  • Amazing work, putting this together in so short a time. Thank you!

  • The old download Statusbar how?

  • Need more customization, like what you can display in the download item(the bar) etc. remaining time, where to put the information, how big is the text...
    The default download speed and the percentage just spend to much space and couldn't see the filename until i click on it.
    I translated the zh-TW language in babelzilla,please check,thanks.

  • One of my favorite add-ons that I can't do without!

  • Great replacement for the now defunct download statusbar.The author is very responsive, welcomes feature requests and actively works on this plugin with feature releases every few days.

  • Now that it has the "Clear" button, it feels complete, thank you.

  • Nice job...very decent replacement to the defunct original.Very happy so far...Thanks

  • The pace of updates is astonishing. Except for minor bugs the new Download Statusbar Bar now does everything I would expect of it. — Many thanks for your work!

  • The download status pops up at the bottom of the browser. You can then right-click it to get various actions. That is one less click than what Firefox without DSB offers the user. Smart people know that fewer clicks are better.

  • this is a great extension..it works great..written by a new developer to work in firefox 26+..you can set options to show a color while a file is being downloaded..a color when its done..shows speed of download and the percentage..also has a clear download button..give it a try...version 1.9.9

  • Just gets better! Thanks Szalgirls for this replacement to the original.
    I don't see why people are complaining about your status bar. Let's see THEM develop something as good,which they can't,so shut up moaning,you ignorant bunch of old women. Don't use this add-on if all you can do is criticize.

  • 很好的扩展,可以替代download statusbar,希望可以加入鼠标悬停显示下载文件信息的功能,类似download statusbar那样的,感谢作者!

  • Funktioniert einwandfrei. Danke!

  • Would it be possible to add a button to the right of the status bar, and whose function is to remove all downloads and close the bar by a simple click on it?

  • I have been using this add-on for over a year,
    Features I missed from earlier versions have been reintroduce, so I updated my review and added the 5th deserved star

    Thanks for all the work you've put into this :)

  • Got this yesterday to replace my now incompatible version. Not sure if my other addons are conflicting or just way it is. Download progresses straight from 0% to 100% when done with no progress bar (my taskbar icon shows the progression correctly). Also when I downloaded a large file it expanded based on size pushing my other dl's off screen. Once complete it reset itself to normal and all dl's were the same size.

  • Please Check it , tks for your great work !

  • I LOVE this app! Just updated my Firefox last night and was so bummed that this was incompatible with the newest version of Firefox... then I logged on this morning and the app was updated already - THANK YOU!!! Absolutely must-have app! Great job!

    Developer response

    Hi Jill DZines,

    Thank you very much for your review and kind words. It is really encouraging.